Saturday, December 22, 2007

'E' please 'Go'

Why is it that we alwaz expect the other person to say sorry?
Why is it that we refuse to see the other side of the story?
Why do we alwaz fail to see our own mistakes?
Why do we alwaz expect the other person to take the first step?
Why do we stop talkin to each other, even though it hurts so much?
Why do lil misunderstandings brew themselves into huge storms?
Why does a lil communication gap create a huge crack in relationships?
Why do 19 year old ppl behave lik 4 year old kids?

I wish i dint feel lik cryin over this particular spilt milk.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Welcome Aboard !

Yoohoo everybody! Guess who's back?!
(erm..ok ok)
Exactly a year ago, when i had actually started bloggin, i'd made a promise to myself that i'd post atleast once a month.. it really bugs me wen ppl cant find time for their own blog.. i mean, how much of your precious time will be wasted if u put up one post eh??
bleh, i proved myself wrong. Infact i proved to myself that 24 hours is too short a time for a whole day..even if i get 36 of 'em i would b unstaisfied.. gosh ther is just so much of work, so much of life, so much of everything. Sigh. i love my life.
Yes, college has started. Infact two n a half months hav already been utilized in lotsa useful n effective work. Please note that i havent used the word 'over' here, because now, just whilin away time is impossible.. i wud say i've learnt much more in the past two months than i did in the last two completely useless years.
I finally agree that i'm a goner wen it comes to time management. People all around me complain that i dont hav time for them n my college work 'says' that all the time. Its said, if u really want to do something, u will automatically find time for it. but wil someone tell me, that if u want to do so many things n there is literally no time for things lik sleep in your life, how in the world do u find time for other stuff. No no i'm not arguin, i'm just stating the mere fact i'm not good at time management right now.
This mornin, my uncle asked me a very interestin question, what is relaxation for u?
for me? *ahem* for me relaxation is no deadlines, no submission dates n no assignment backlog. If these three r out of my life for sometime, i wud really feel lik i'm on a holiday. but alas, i've chosen a field wher these three make my life.
*Ahem* here i wud lik to take Monty's side bcoz i completely understand what she's goin through. Both of us r accused of 'busy'. We r on the same boat gurl ;)

But inspite of less sleep (or no sleep) n killin schedules, i love wat i'm doing.. if not here, i cant imagine wher i would be. In these two months, already there is so much that i never dreamt of doing, that i've done.. for starters i've started to adore some of my seniors totally. Most of the fourth-years and third-years r an inspiration to me n i'm awed by their work. Literally n figuratively.
I've started takin all the responsibilities. i've started lookin forward to goin to college each n every day n i've hardly bunked any class in last two months. This is quite in contrast to my behaviour in my junior college wher i never ever took interest in wat i was doin. i hardly attended lectures n studies was just a formality. hehe..its sort of a opposite for me..ppl attend junior college seriously n then start treatin degree course lik a formality. Guess i'm alwaz upside down :P

I remember the first time i found out about Architecture as a course. The first college that i wrote down in my list of impossible colleges was my college. It rested on the top (beatin even SPA n JJ collges) because it had just twenty seats n i was rest assured i wont make it. Now when i'm here, even though i hav to board buses at 6 in the mornin n sometimes get to sleep at 3 at night, i love being on the bus, i love being a part of everything :D *fingers crossed* I'm glad of each n every decision that i've ever made.It is a bed of roses and has thorns too, but I've finally found a place where i belong. Totally.
Thank heavens.

Friday, August 17, 2007


Yes, its Time. Its Time for something to happen. Time to evolve. Time for the butterfly to come out of the cucoon. And She will.

Before going any further, I'd like to tell the people who have been after my life, asking me (after my previous post) who my supposed 'lurve' is , sadly guys, there's nobody. Infact,I prefer it this way :)
Last four weeks have been really weird. I've realised how I can do absolutely 'nothin' n totally enjoy myself. This was quite an achievement,was quite surprised myself bcoz if I were to lead a monotonous life, I would go crazy probably. But astonishingly, I've exceeded my own expectations. Trust me, doing nothin (that is, no productive work. Please use the distance/displacement rule to understand this complex situation.U cant? Too bad ) is an art. Contact me for further guidance on this matter.

Anyway, so once during my one month long holiday, I switched on MTV hoping to listen to some new tracks. Here's how it went-

Song One- 'Mehbooba mehbooba ooooooooo' by Himesh in Aap ka Surooooor
OMG. I'd never actually heard Himesh's version. I kinda flip the channel as soon as I see/hear him.It was jus this instance, when I wanted to know what the whole Asha-Himesh controversy was all about. DAMN. my mistake.
Horrible horrible song. Thank god RD Burman died long time back. This was one good reason for suicide, seeing his song 'oooooh'ed away by the Huzoooorrr. Or maybe murder?

Song Two- 'Aa khushi se khud khushi kar le' from RGV's Darling (sic)
Consider the irony. No actually, the timing was perfect. I wanted himesh to listen to this very song after song one. Or maybe, this song is 'made' so that anybody who listens to it wants to commit murder right then :| N to top it all, the lead dancer (whats her name again?)looked like she jus came straight from her own haunted house.
Mr.Akhtar, would u stop doing other random stuff and start writing songs again? These other people make me sick!

Song Three- 'Naughty Naughty' from Cash
Really, this was sheer torture. On a nice hip hop tune, the guys went 'Aey chori' or sumthin. (!!!) Please, what were u guys thinkin? The three actresses looked like they were at a halloween party(??!!) The less said about this song, the better.
No wait, I'm getting all this wrong. What was I thinking when I decided to watch all this?

After these three sickenin songs, I could not listen or see any longer and returned to watch Ducktales.( Stop smirking! I can listen to Unca Scroooge anyday but not Bollywood anymore.)
But talkin of Bollywood, the most watchble movie is in town. Chak de India! omg, it was such an awesomeeeeeeeeee movie!! Really, after quite some time, bollywood has given us a movie worth watching. SRK as usual was GOD. I didnt like the rushes of the movie but it was, astonishing, the most hilarious, patriotic n nerve cracking movie I've seen in a long long time. I would recommend it to everybody. And please watch it in theaters. Let Yash Raj make a lil money outta this movie? Please?

Btw, its exactly a month since I've taken a decision and chosen the 'path' of my life.
Tomorrow I hav an orientation in my *new* college. I'm looking forward to it. But yes, this doesnt mean I'm not having any other feelings for it. Actually I am kinda havin a panic attack *sheepish grin*. I really cant help it. New people, new place, new life. Ok now that definitely sounds fun :)

Finally, its during my happiness phase that I realised as to how much I've lost due to various *undisclosed* reasons. I've let so many people walk out of my life, just like that. Its not that I dont care, I do, I really do. But its just hard to admit it. Maybe it was my fault, maybe yours, but doesnt matter now, does it?

Note- After reading this post just now, I dont particularly know why I've mentioned all this here. I was going to write about something else. But this is my blog n I have liberty to write whatever I want! 60 years of independence right? ;)

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ray Of Sunshine.

All of a sudden,I'm very happy.
I keep smiling throughout the day, singing to myself, enjoying every moment of my life.
None at all.
I dont need a reason to be happy. I'm happy because of everything around me. My existence makes me happy. And I choose to remain happy hereafter.
Do you?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The 'Dream' guy!

I'm not much into politics. I dont care which politician said what, I dont care who meant what, I dont care who is betrayin whom, I dont care who was loyal anyway.N whats more, I'm not doing anything that would help my country in any way.In short, I'm just another teenager. Now dont get me wrong. Its not lik I dont like my country. On the contrary I'm quite patriotic(i.e. I'm proud of my country even though its not Independence day or Republic day :P).But it still doesnt matter which is the ruling party in the country. What am i? Hypocrite?
But ther's one person whom I really really admire. U kno, really really admire types? n whats more? Even though he was into politics he never got into the politics.
If I just made any sense to u, then you might hav guessed what I'm about. Its weird actually. Its his last day in office. And I feel so weird. Its our Mr.President (Last time I can call him that), Dr.APJ Abdul kalam.
I like the dude. He's neat. Very unlike politicians.
Maybe because he was never one of 'em. And thats why he didnt get a second chance when he SO deserved it.
My assosiation with him goes back to a GK book when he was just the 'Missile Man of India'. Bleh i couldnt understand back then why his name was so long. Then in 2002, he was suddenly elected Mr.President. Nothin great really.I liked the previous Prez's name. He reminded me of Malgudi days. (I was like 12?) Yea so thats when our darling english teacher suddenly gave us an assignment- Write an extempore, If I were Mr.Abdul kalam On the eve of his election, what would i do?
er.. not a very pretty topic. especially when u have to say it in front of the whole damn class tomoro,is it? Dunno about u, but I was definitely *ahem* aghast. i mean what exactly would YOU do when you r like supposed to be elected the President of India the next day? yea on that eve? what? stay at home n watch TV? gosh. i sure did SOME research on him so find out what exactly he would. Turns out he visited his village. but not on the EVE ok?
So thats really how i came to know a lotta stuff bout him. Nice guy really.
*Back to Present*
Uh-huh. Five years later. He's done his job, has'nt he. Pretty well too, if u ask me. Damn good. he remains to be the only Politics guy whose Speeches make me wonder. wow. If you've heard his address on Independence's days eves that is. he receives a standing ovation.
Driven by curiosity, i had even read up his past n all. wow. some acheiver he is.
Though i despise his hair style (heeh! dont blame me, i'm a girl),his persona, the way he conducts himself, i dont think i would want anything more from the president of MY country. I cant think how the *ahem* Next president would step into his shoes. But i hope she does. And i hope someday I'll read 'Wings Of Fire', I've not read it yet. I'm kinda not much into autobiography n stuff. But the tittle really intrigues me.It does. The way its author does.
He's the 'Dream guy' for me. Not because he visits my dreams (hell, no!) but because according to him, if you can Dream about it , you can achieve it. So dont be hesistant to Dream. Thats what i have learnt from him. His every speech,every doctrine was about this.
To Dr.Kalam,
u've taught me just one thing, To Dream.
Thank you very much for this.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

What should I study?

ok now dont look at me lik that. i jus stumbled into this Blogthings thingy :P

Your Learning Style: Unconventional and Insightful

You are very intuitive and ingenious. You're attracted to any field of study that lets you break the rules.

You Should Study:

Art history
Comparative religions
Eastern religion

I could NOT belive the results.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Don't Cry?!

This mornin, i was cleanin my room. Yes, this statement is meant to be weird and funny at the same time. ME?? Cleanin the room?? :0 NO, it isnt because of some transformation, it was..well.. thats a another story ok. Sheesh!

So, here i was pickin up stuff from everywhere, thinking where to dump them, playing a song on loop, shoving stuff, getting irritated.
This is whem my mom entered the room with the most horrified expression on her face, Saying- Why is he cryin?
Me- (stoppin dead.. thinking- OMG, whose cryin? Wait a minute, crying and He shudnt b going together, WATS WRONG? then in a fake calm voice i asked)
Who is crying?
She- *pointing to my PC* Why is your Computer crying?

I was playin 'A Place for my head' By Linkin Park on loop

Friday, June 22, 2007

Objection Overruled!

So she's goin on tuesday? :((
Objection Milord.
Hmph. Objection overruled.

So life's all about all this? people come people go.. life doesnt stop.
Yea right.. i've heard all that crap. But any kind of logic doesnt make this any better. In less than four days.. Miss Monty wil b leavin for her College.

Its quite amazin.. knowin her for FOUR years.. (though we were never really 'very' close in the first two years..) its hard to belive that we wil all go in totally different directions, fields, colleges, cities n lives.

So this is sort of a farewell thing to her.. just to make her feel special because that's wat she really is :)

I'm not writing a testimonial so i dont hav to be all formal n say nice nice things for her.. but now come to think of it.. er.. i dont hav bad things to say.. sheesh! oppurtunity lost :P

Miss Monty is THE most brilliant,funny,wacky,crazy girl of all times.. i've had sooo much fun with her.. gawddd.. okay now who am i going to call up n irritate? :(
Miss astrologer is gud at whatever she does n amazes me everytime she does it. Sheesh. R we ever goin to meet after tuesday?
No. i'm not goin to be all senti senti and ruin this post. *gathers herself*

Hmm..While searchin my tuitions copies for some of our 'handiworks' which we used to create :P during class.. i came across the MOST hilarious things.. for starters, lemme introduce the main characters in this story.. they r me 'T', Monty 'S', Abhu 'A', Epu 'E', Chammach one 'C1', Chammch two 'C2', n ofcourse Theta 'Th'hehe.. n i guess our doodles hav finally found a place in my blog :D

i've done this.. hehe... see monty, abhu.. it looks lik him na? na? and btw, main character .


By me again.. gosh this one is totally lik C1.. i hope he never ever finds my blog :P


yes.. i'm so gud at this :P Ahem. Abhudi? ;)

Theta n Abhu-

here, i've done theta n monty's made abhu! lol.. i'm sure she's gonna kill us both after this.

Theta again-

er.. ok ok.. i'm doin damage control.. *runs as far as she can from abhu*

N now for the 'alleged' link-ups-

heeeheee :P :P :P Notice the 'other' link-ups also ;)


Mizzy Monty gave her regards on the front page of my chemistry copy which could hav been confisticated anytime. Hmph.

OMG.. i forgot PSI!!!!

Psi was THE CG at our tuition n was alwaz Monty's jiju. Thank u very much.

My Famous 'Scribbling copy'-


Double sigh.


btw, (i cudnt resist this),

This is how my handwritin actually looks ok.. not like the scribbles (your supposed to say its very nice)

And finally,

:P :P :P

The reason why i've uploaded these pics is quite simple.. i'm sure.. wherever she goes.. wherevr abhu, tintin go.. wherever I go.. i'm gonna miss u people. A lot. A lot. A lot.

N Miss Monty..i wish u Best of Luck in watever u do, wherever u are.. although..however cliche this may sound.. please REMAIN as u are.. bcoz u are the most amazin chick i've come across.

P.S- For people who expected our 'real' pics on this post, please join facebook.. we've uploaded gazzillions of pics on FB.
and No, i'm not being paid by FB for advertising. Hmph.

P.S.2- ohhhh.. anddd i saw a rainbow today.. for the very first tym in my life.. i was returning to my place n saw it on the way.. the way i screamed 'Stop The Car!' really stunned the poor driver..ok..i mite sound kiddish.. but it was fantastic.. two years of endless spectrum watchin through prisms couldnt lessen the effect and charm of the amazin sight.. well i tried to capture it on my fone.. u kno.. 1.3 MP.. er.. u cant expect much.

ok. This much for this post. :D Thank u for reachin this far.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

WHITE boards n BLACK berries

A very warm Heylo to my dear blogreaders (if ther r some).
Heh. yea i've been away for quite sum tym.. first da million JEEs (as i had mentioned earlier) then my one-week-extended-to-two-weeks holiday in kolkata.. n other irrelevant stuff happenin.. so tym for sum news update..

* I've given enof no. of exams n am fed up.. now i BETTER get thru sum of them or else... :S

* Hav got thru a coll in chennai n am gettin da stream of my choice BUT da college doesnt hav AICTE approval.. so this is lik an option wich cant b called an option :S

* I thoroughly enjoyed my Kolkata trip (oh yea i did *nods violently*) thanks to my Darling piscean sis 'C' , my sagi bro 'K' n capri bro 'KM'.. thanks folks.. really really had a blast!! except for da few entrances ther ofcourse :S

* lol.. one incident bout my k-trip is hilarious actually..
my sis 'C' had planned a trip jus after mine.. to a hill station n all.. so obviously she needed to update her music collection n all.. n very unfortunately they hav DIALUP connection ther.. usin broadband has made me to habituated to fast net access dat usin dialup was a real PAIN.. so dear 'C' decided she wud download all her songs usin her dad's Blackberry.. wich is SOOO fast.. after dwnloadin quite sum songs one nite, wen she was pesterin uncle to giv her da fone, he asked wat da dwnloadin charges wer.. hehe.. ofcourse she had conviniently forgotten to verify DAT.. v called up those creeps n here's wat they had to say- First 500 KB dwnloadin free free free n after dat, da charges r 50p/KB.. er.. WATTT???? 50 PAISA PER KB????
heh.. after dwnloadin 68 songs.. wen v calculated, da total cost amounts to bout Rs. 1,75,000 :S
if they actually send us da bill.. my sis is BIGTYM screwed. i jus HOPE(wish, pray,beg) dat some miracle saves us all.. or my uncle wud probably send 'C' to exile or sumthin. God save us all. Amen. :S

* On a happier had loads of fun wit C, stayin awake every nite n sleepin only wen v suddenly saw broad day lite.. heheh.. watchin movies whole day.. n yes, saw Spiderman 3's second half was greattttt n James Francooooo *Drools*

* While returnin from Kol, me n my lil bro 'A' wer travellin alone.. but in da very next berth was one of my ol school frens.. hahaha.. he's a total idiot but v had so much fun studyin behavin lik small school kids.. mann i miss SCHOOLLLLL..

* Niece 'P' is growin up n FAST.. now she can chat on phone n speak on any given topic non-stop. Wow! :S

* Now dat exams r almost over.. i now realised i hav ABSOLUTELY nothin to do.. except blabberin on Fone, surfin net for hours n watchin TV. The last option however has now been limited to Koffee, Indian Idol-3 n Love story. Koffee is ofcourse hilarious as alwaz, II-3 has CHinese Chang who is SOOOOO adorable.. he's those rare guys who u kno..i'd lik to say.. Dude keep singin while i drool over u n your voice.. *blushes* heheh.. he's reallyyyy veryyy guuuddd.. :D n Love Story is this show by Anurag Basu (Gangster, Metro fame ), interestin concept n da lead guy is again 'Droolable' :S

* Everybdy around me is behavin in an odd manner..Gone r those days wen i was da optimistic n Tintin was da confused soul. Tintin has suddenly bcom this 'Guru' of optimism n me is very inspired by her nowadays..
Abhu is at her wit's-end lik me.. but she's now started writin all poems n all wich portray her frens as traiters.. ya abhu..dun think i dint notice. Hmph. i wud rather NOT giv explanations to this Capri who's got so much in store for her! :P
Monty thankfully hasnt changed much.. but but but.. yay!! she's got thru THE BEST law skool in da country n v r all JUBLIATIN!!! yay!!!!! i'm sooooo happy for her.. n even more bcoz this means she has One more month to stay wit us!!! yay!!!
Some frens r 'Busy' wit exams.. Some hav their results out n r celebratin n some sulkin , anddd some r MOVIN (IN)to CCD (*roflin* sorry buddy,i cudnt resist dat ok :P) :S

* n By da way, Abhu's efforts wer very gud indeed towards her FJ-DJ thing (hey dat rhymed!).. way to go gurl..U jus wait n watch ok? :S

* Nowadays suddenly i feel really nostalgic bout my 12th std books. Yuck. i hate myself for this :S

* All da Boards hav declared their results but i dunno wat saddistic pleasure our Council derives in delayin them extensively. so they r finally gonna b out tomoro n i dun think i can sleep tonite. Also, AIEEE results to b out
Bye Bye Frens, Romans, Countrymen :S

Thursday, May 17, 2007

"I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman"

So i finally found a song to complement my present situation :)

Sing along :P

I used to think
I had the answers to everything,
But now I know
Life doesn't always go my way, yeah...
Feels like I'm caught in the middle
That's when I realize...

I'm not a girl,
Not yet a woman.
All I need is time,
A moment that is mine,
While I'm in between.

I'm not a girl,
There is no need to protect me.
It's time that I
Learn to face up to this on my own.
I've seen so much more than you know now,
So don't tell me to shut my eyes.

I'm not a girl,
But if you look at me closely,
You will see it my eyes.
This girl will always find
Her way.

I'm not a girl
(I'm not a girl don't tell me what to believe).
Not Yet a woman
(I'm just trying to find the woman in me, yeah).
All I need is time (All I need),
A moment that is mine (That is mine),
While I'm in between.

I'm not a girl
Not yet a woman
All I need is time (All I need),
A moment that is mine,
While I'm in between.

I'm not a girl,
Not yet a woman.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Wow. One stupid exam. U wait for it for ages.. postponin other stuff so dat u can peacefully (sic) giv da exam n then enjoy ur life later. U spend a whole day beim apprehensive bout da next day. U irritate other ppl by sendin them weird msgs bout how nervous u r. n then wen they finally manage to calm u down, u stil spend a sleepless nite waitin for da next mornin, da mornin of the exam. n wen u almost r ready to leave for da exam, a fone call.. it jus took a fone call from da exam centre ppl sayin..Exam's been posponed for a day later :S
Now, U temme, HOW shud i react?
P.S- dun temme i hav one MORE day to prepare..i really CANNOT bear all this nemore.
I have prepared all dat i cud hav. It may seem odd but its highly frustratin n i jus want to get DONE wit it.

UPDATE- (24th April,3.35pm )-
Whoeva said..dat wen one door closes another opens up.. was speakin da truth! heheh.. so i was all frustrated in da mornin! ;) but i jus got my Rectified AIEEE admit card wich has my RIGHT category(previously, those morons had put me in OBC category).. um soooo glad of it! sheesh! Things r lukin much better now! :)

Friday, April 20, 2007

Ni(e)ce Indeed !

Heh..This is da best part of living in a joint has so many cousins dat u're sure to bcom Buas n Chachus before u can actually pronounce these words :D
(n yes..Please do not think dat da direct translation of bua n chachu is aunty n uncle for heavens's sake! )
So i have 2 darling nephews n 1 adorable Niece!
My niece 'P' i must say is much smarter n lively than my nephews! ha! Girls are smarter! She's so amazingly clever.. Its fascinating to see da things she does..its too much for her age!!! Gawd.. one partiular incident jus a few minutes back forced me to blog bout her :-
V wer both doin tympass..both had nothin to work..heheh.. so..
Me- hey P! U wanna listen to music?
P- yeaayyy!!
Me- okay..*shuffles thru her playlist* hmm..wich song..wich songgg..
P- *starts singin n dancin by herself*
Me- This song is nice?
P- No.
Me- erm..this dress is nice?
P- No.
Me- okhay.. I'm nice?
P- NO.
Me- *Bewildered* I'm NOT nice?
P- No.
Me- I'm BAD?
P- Yes.
P- I wont say.
P- *smiles wickedly*
Me- Hmph. i wont talk to u. *turns around**Waits for a gud five minutes before turnin back*
Me- hmmm??
P- ur NOT nice.
Me- I'm SOOO not talkin to u.
P- *smiles, grins, smirks*
Me- fine. u're NOT nice too.
P- U're NOT nice.
Me- Y??Y??? i play wit u?? i make u listen to songs?? i take u out?? i tell u stories?? i'm STILL not NICE?
P- U're not nice.
Me- *turns around again**looks back at her again*
*jus shakes her head* *evil grin still intact*
Me- Fine. Fine. Fine. i'm not givin u any chocolates either.
P- U're Very NICE.
Now, DATS my girl!

Here she is.. da Two-year-old brat!!!

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cross My Heart !

So, wat is da whole JEE bout?
Sittin in da hall..wit bout 50 other kids..tryin to crack a question paper meant to make way for ur future?
ok..this is an honest i felt while givin IIT-JEE..prolly da worst exam in my entire life.. it was devastatin.. does it require a mention here..dat i never planned for IIT? dat my studies wer never JEE oriented? dat i wasted las two years in i-dunno-doin-wat?
hmm..i think not.
so..talkin bout las two years...lots of stuff has changed.. movin outta school has been da most difficult phase i guess..
Mistakes. dats wat da las two years wer filled of. Mistakes.
Worse, i realised this in jan end-feb beginnin 07.
I dun blame anybody bt myself for all dat i've done, n today hav got da courage to face it n accept dat, it was my mistake.
Not dat i knowingly did wat i did [duh? it was a mistake rite? :( ].
If i list out wat all wrong i did..this post wud b an infinite basically, in short, i lost focus, took life for granted, wondered y i took up science, n brooded dat i was stuck at 89% in my tenth boards n lost hope.
yes, while readin it, one mite feel wat a silly silly girl i am.. but..dats unfortunately HOW i am!
In Feb, i remember cryin each day.. suddenly realizin how much i dint much i had to much i had lost.. suddnly da prospect of Flunkin occured to me [ok..this was a bit too much i accept :D ]
but then..cryin wasnt a total waste of made me realise wat had to b done..
i felt soooooooo foolish.. lik everythin was outta my control! one month (wit only 28 days dat too) n two years' course!
But i did it..sumhow..n managed to scrap thru my boards... honestly..i mite NOT get near 90 at all but i think i'll manage an 80 (i sure hope i do!)
N this wudnt hav been possible witout these amazin ppl!
(in random order)

Abhu- My Guide *smiles* (i kno ur smilin too :P)
yes, Abhu was my guide..suddenly i felt at much to lil tym..if it hadnt been for her i wud hav never got my confidence back!
She taught me a lotta stuff.. n da fact dat all was not lost n if i dint study then..i mite lose wat i'm capable of gettin! Thanks girl! i owe this one to u!

Monty- My Light *grins*
yes, Monty was my light in da truest sense..she's soooooo full of optimism n joy n happiness n hope dat she induces it to u! She helped me soo much in thinkin positively n thinkin in da rite way..ppl say battles r won in da mind..well she showed me how! Thank u so much snehoodeeeeeeee!!!

Tintin- My Instructor *heehee*
lol..yea Tintin was my instructor teelin me wat to study wen to study n stuff (though dat doesnt make sense coz she's in commerce) but still..v used to discuss wat v wud study together n sort of a goal-reachin strategy! (we wud decide to call uo each other only wen v wud hav finished a particular portion..hehe..n this wud me bout 6 times a day :D ) Thank u sweeeetttiieeeee!

LF- My Mentor *smirks* :P
yes..rite from talkin bout everyday to wishin me before every exam to askin my experince each day..LF's been my mentor truly!:) :) :) i remember callin LF in da middle of da nite n cryin (read howlin)my heart out.. n suddenly dogs started barkin madly around him..n he was lik- See, even dogs r affected by ur cryin!!! Stop cryin baby! hehe..after dat, i think twice before cryin! :D Thanksssssssssss

Mom- My strength *gets all nostalgic*
yes..she dint mind wen i told her i was gonna flunk.. she said- ok u'll jus hav to giv a supplementary next year *smiles wickedly*
n wen i kept repeatin 'dun expect nethin me' she wud maintain a smile n say - ok
(now she tells me how much she wanted to laugh at my face.. thank god u dint mom!)
can i tel u thanks too? :)

My Net Frens- Raghu..who kept postin all feb long writin really inspirational posts! u rock dude!
Aayush- for sendin me a msg sayin - Wateva happens, how much ever other things mite change..i wont! thank u sooo much for really meant a lot to me :D

n To all those ppl who kept callin me in Feb n sayin those encouragin words! Thanks a ton folks!
n yes, 'A', my lil bro..who kept irritatin me but stil stopped me from cryin most of da tym by annoyin me so dat i wud giv up grief n start scoldin him bigtym! Thanks re.. u've suffered most ! (mind u, i shout a lot. a lot. a lot.)
(i hope this doesnt sound lik an oscar-receivin Thank-u-speech bt i really really really wanted to thank u folks!)

So..amongst other things, um sittin for tons of JEEs n hope to make it in atleast one of them :D
oh n i forgot to add my recent inspiration.. Mr. Adnan Sami for losin 109 kgs!!!! whoa um not very nervous bout losin da abominable weight dat i hav gained durin las two months..stayin at home n hoggin! Adnan mannn u hav sum guts !!! literally!

Until next tym.. Chao!

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Un-Cynical Me.

A sequel to a much Unwanted Feeling.

Here I stand,
In the middle of sumwhere,
Everything looks grand,
Life's givin me, my share.

I laugh out, i smile,
There r a lotta expectations,
n once in a while,
I feel da spice of Rejuvenation.

I look around me,
I see a lotta things,
I look behind me,
I see a lotta things,
And lo behold thee,
I have a lil foresight,
n ahead of me,
I see a shimmerin light.

Its hope, i guess,
That's saved me ,
From pain n distress,
Helpin me out of da Mess

I've come a lot further,
A lot Nearer n closer,
To the land of Wonder n Dreams,
thats jus a lil way ahead,
Coz its definitely more than wat it seems,
I've had enof of Dread!

I've stood still, waitin,
N waitin for things to be better,
Hoping things wud jus ,
Return to their normal quarter,
Coz it was a serene calm night.
But those days r long gone,
Cynicism has been replaced by Delight!

Now Sun's come out,
N he's ready wit all da answers,
Ther's no confusion, no doubt.

'Wat do u hav to say Mr.Sun?'
'Looks lik better times hav already begun,
Life, as it is Seen,
Is wat da Mind n Soul portray,
Tomorrow alwaz is n has been,
A Better Day.'

Liberty !



My Boards r Theoritically, Practically, Literally, Officially, Legally OVERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!


Thank u Thank u Thank u!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Stumped !

So v r actually out of da world cup! :D

its not evn sad..its bcom very funny now!

n Sash has given it a very befittin Tribute!

Really, Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani!

Friday, March 23, 2007

A Tainted Cup n Other Stuff !



Well.. almost.
Firstly, i cannot belive it is da 23rd of MARCH,2007.
i mean..i cant belive i've survived through 23 days of sheer torture.. n yes..ther's much more in da week ahead.
Yes..major exams r over n now jus da weird optional subjects n pracs r left.. phew!



Yes.. cricket world cup 07 is now a tainted one.. wit Mr. Bob Woolmer bein suddenly dead.
I must say i was shocked wen i heard it.. not dat da death of a PAKISTANI coach bothered me.. (yea,um an wat?) but da DEATH of a Pakistani coach bothered me..
now police says it was a murder.. someone apparently strangled him.. wow! in such high security? amazin.. so now everybody is under suspicion.. from Shoaib akhtar to Mr.Musharraf to Dawood Ibrahim. wow!
This makes me feel.. Thank God..Greg Chappell dint die.. bcoz then, da suspicion wud hav been on-
1> Rahul Dravid..bcoz nowadays, everythin wrong dat happens wit da team is his fault.. n everthin gud is a collective effort !
2> Sourav ganguly.. bcoz everyone knows wat happened.. n this wud b the ideal way of revenge!
3> Virender Sehwag.. bcoz its da coach's fault dat he is not doin well!
4> Sachin Tendulkar.. bcoz he's Sachin..ppl jus want a reason to hav a go at him!
5> Sharad Pawar..bcoz i dunno.. he's da boss!
6> The Sponsers- they cudnt get their money back!
7> Woolmer..if da poor man was alive!
8> Basically every cricketin nation present there.. they jus want india to lose.. its racism.. its partiality.. discrimination.. blah blah (n all such words present in da dictionary).

So Thank God, Greg is alive.. but dear Greg.. u watch out today.. for da match wit Sri Lanka.. bcoz if u guys loose..there r a lotta reasons y da above ppl can actually b a cause of downfall.. n even if u tend to survive these ppl, once u come back to india, da mad fan following out here isnt goin to leav out nebdy neway!

Ppl get a life! Its just a game..its highly unfair dat someone must LOSE HIS LIFE for it! its too much to ask for.. really.



Yes, pls pls pls lemme enter..
Now dat da Entrance Exams r round da corner..all i wanna shout is... pleaseeeeeeee Lemme Lemme Lemme Enter!!!


Today's fortune:

You will be unusually successful in business

hahahahah..really? how???????

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Paintin da town Red!

(er..written on March 4th.. cudnt publish then.. heheheh )
Hmm..heard this phrase a lotta times… has many meanings
But sometimes.. ppl take it too literally…
Ppl asked me- u playin holi this tym?
Me- No way!!! U mad!!! Boards da next day! No ways..
Even las nite wen my fren told me to enjoy holi…
I was lik- no ya… u enjoy.. I’ll b wit my books.
(see R, I wasn’t irritated wit u.. was jus goin thru da holi blues..heheh)
Sheesh! So dat is wat I had thought!
Till 12.15 pm … I was happily sitting in my room.. whole morning nobody had forced me to play holi n all… ahhh.. peaceful life..
12.15 pm :
A Bhai enters my room already lookin fuuny wit colour all over
A Bhai- wat u doin in ur room? Come down.. its holi..
Me- no way ya! We hav exams remember? U’ve finished everythin or wat?
A Bhai – u comin or not?
Me – no.
A Bhai- wat? Holi comes once a year…blah blah blah
Me- um NOT comin.
He loses hope n goes out.
12.25pm :
C Bhai enters da room.. (he’s lookin even more ‘coloured’)
C Bhai- come.
Me- er..
C Bhai- come.
Me- (starts stammering) I got.. boards… 2moro…I..cant.. i… cant..
C bhai- its 12.25 rite now.. if u don’t come by 12.30..
I look at him wit pleadin eyes
He looks at me wit threatening eyes
Me- ok

Sheesh! So much for miss prim n proper who was gonna study whole morning.. n who had been lamentin for d alas two days dat this will b da only holi she’ll miss.
Whoa.. I wasn’t goin to.. but u guys don’t kno C Bhai.. he’s my eldest cousin n da only one in my house who has da power to scare me… n at holi.. he becomes a total avatar of da holi god! Doesn’t leave nebody! If u try to act smart n try to hide n ur room or bathroom... very bad idea.. he’ll bang on da doors wit his colour-enriched hands.. till u think da doors r gonna giv away.. n da way he smudges dat slimy colour (da permanent silvery ones.. he doesn’t even kno wats gulal, da lesser harmful substance) over all ur face! eeuuwwwwwwwwww
Now for da consequences-
I’ve turned a bright shade of PINK now.
Oh… sorry sorry… my FACE is pink.. my hands r MAROON .. hair is RED n nails r GREEN!
So all in all um lookin lik a total monster! (wud hav put up a pic but…hheehhe)

45 minutes of pure fun has its disadvantages I guess !

Today- hehe.. colours come off quite a bit… thank goodness for da number of soaps, shampoos n facewashes available in da country:)
hope u guys had an amazin holi!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cynical Me.

Here I stand,
In the middle of nowhere,
Everything looks bland,
Life's givin me, my share.

I cry out, i fall,
There isnt any expectation,
Or even a want,
For a lift or haul.

I look around me,
I see nothin,
I look behind me,
I see nothin,
But lo behold thee,
I have a lil foresight,
n ahead of me,
I see a dim light.

Its hope, i guess,
That'll save me ,
From this distress,
Shall I stop here?
Or shall i go further,
A lil near,
To the land of wonder n Dreams,
thats jus a lil way ahead,
But wat if its not, wat it seems,
If its jus misty darkness instead?

I stand still, I wait,
N wait for things to be better,
Hoping things wud jus ,
Return to their normal quarter,
Coz its a serene calm night,
A horrified Silence,
Accompanies it wit Fright.

I'm waitin for da Sun to Shine,
Yet he seems to b,
In a situation,
Jus lik mine.

Havin second thoughts, is it?
Shud he come or mayb he shudnt!
'Why?'- I ask, 'U're my only savior!'
'Trust me'-he replies,
'For i shall hav da final Say,
Unfortunately, for u, my dear
Tomorrow might not be,
A Better Day.'

Monday, January 29, 2007

Its Done!

Yes, um squeaky.. yes, i used to howl at da name of injections.. yes, i can shed tears at da drop of a hat.. but this tym it was different.
My piercin was getting delayed due to weird reasons lik mom dad suddenly goin outta town n stuff.. but had to happen..
So mom decided enof is enof.. she n my aunt took me n v set out for da Mission.. i was forced to eat icecreams,chocolates, popcorn, pastries, pizzas, kulfis .. heheh.. (forced?? ummm...wrong term actually..hehhehe)
i felt lik askin - Bakre ko halaal karne se pehle khilaaya pilaaya jaata hai na?
lol... so after all dat they took me to a 'Sunaar' (goldsmith)..
he dint take much tym..
he took da gold earring..
it was very sharpppppppp.. brrrrr..
caught hold of my ear
it was done!
soo quickly?
i herd 'Crack Crack Crack' n it was done..
bludy this was easy n it dint even hurt!!
then da next ear.. over! finished..
i dint even drop a tear let alone scream!
phew! so much for nitemares involvin me n a hangman.. hehehehe...
so its done.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

And Finally..

Ther r many instances in life..wen u keep waitin for something to happen.. u want it to happen sooo badly dat u almost harrass da ppl who cud make it happen.. but then..wen it finally does..u dont want it anymore..
Er.. this is WAT is happenin to me..
Sinc v hav a very old family tradition.. Girls in da family do not get their ears pierced wen they r young..there has to b a proper wich da parents take some 'Pheras' ( our marriages..v dont take da 7 pheras at once..some r left for this occasion.. *disgust* ) ..n this happens wen their SON is in his EVEN years.. lik 2/4/6.. wateva..
So..i havent got ne piercin done.. yet.. but its goin to happen..this wednesday.. sooooo nervous..
All my life i hav been criticisin this particular tradition.. lik -y dint get all my piercin done in my chilhood.. um da odd one out..blah blah..
y da half pheras? this is lik a mini-marriage in itself?
y does da SON has to get involved? i mean..he doesnt play ne part... everythin is bout da parents n their darling daughter..wher does this third angle fit into?
All sorrry..i still dont understand da logic behind it ... n um sure i never will.. (wit due respect to all da gods n goddesses in heaven..if any one has a problem up ther.. contact me..or rather.. DO NOT contact me..)
Y? Y? Y? mom..y dint u get all this done wen i was a squeaky stupid 5-yr-old.. now.. its sooo scray mannnnn... some idiot tryin to push a whole pin inside my skin... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
as u can see.. um terrorised... i mite b actin lik an idiot.. ppl wil say -Everybody gets this done..wats da big deal blah blah.. some even get 3-4 pierces n all.. ok guys.. dats jus fine.. they hav da guts .. they can ok.. let them do it..
um jus tooooo childish?? yea.. i am.... So?
P.S- sorry for wastin ur tym n mine on such a stupid post but i reallly am gettin very jittery!!

UPDATE- Well well well...wednesde has come n gone n no sign of any horrible piercings yet..hheheh.. well all da puja n all is done.. so now i hav da licence to pierce anytym i want..hehhe... da later da better ;)
Btw..da mini wedding was great n had lotsa fun at da party :D
Life is sooo much fun.. hehhe.. (atleast as of now!)