Thursday, May 01, 2008


This is what happens when life moves so fast.
Everything seems blurred to me.. We had one hell of a semester this time.. i.e. if u can call it a 'semester'. 2 months 15 days dont exactly count as one whole sem do they? Specially when one's college hOsTs six damn fests in these 2.5 months :| ther's only one question.. When does one study?

Honestly, i WANT to study..for all theory papers..really i do..but with all the other drama goin on..i kinda (er..) dont.

Exactly a year ago, all kinds of people warned me bout this. They told me.. if u are goin to take up this course u havta study very hard... not only theory u havta do all kinds of stuff.. its very taxin u really need to b hardworkin ....... (..crap..) Yea but that time one is lik- Yea wateva..i'm goin to do EVERYTHING that it takes..i'm gonna prove that i hav it in me...(...more crap..).. So it turns out.. *ahem* those random people were right. I am freakin out.

Its an awesome course. But its a bit of a hair-tearin experience many times. All the fests that i mentioned..great..four of them were department fests n two were college ones..Out of these..the archi dept hosted a techfest for the very first time.. we achieved this feat in flat 12 days :D i'm tellin wasnt any cakewalk.. we were given permission for this fest on the condition that not a single class wud b suspendd n not a single submission to b skipped.. Thats like saying- u need leaves but u cant get them from trees :S So finally, after a certain amount of hybridization we did manage to get the leaves..uh..the Fest ;)

N then we have Submissions. Amazin things these are..submissions. One has to make a million sheets each one takin bout six hours of non-stop work. Then there's this subject where we do all kinda of crazy stuff from buildin blocks to mouldin stuff to sculptin to case studies to designin , renderin.. :S

All this hardly leaves time (or interest) for anythin else. This post for all those people who work like us.. Crazy schedules,workin overtime n achievin stuff not possible for normal humans without any appreciation or perks but full of institute/workplace politics, tremendous backstabbing n destructive critisism.
Helllllo Real World.