Tuesday, May 29, 2007

WHITE boards n BLACK berries

A very warm Heylo to my dear blogreaders (if ther r some).
Heh. yea i've been away for quite sum tym.. first da million JEEs (as i had mentioned earlier) then my one-week-extended-to-two-weeks holiday in kolkata.. n other irrelevant stuff happenin.. so tym for sum news update..

* I've given enof no. of exams n am fed up.. now i BETTER get thru sum of them or else... :S

* Hav got thru a coll in chennai n am gettin da stream of my choice BUT da college doesnt hav AICTE approval.. so this is lik an option wich cant b called an option :S

* I thoroughly enjoyed my Kolkata trip (oh yea i did *nods violently*) thanks to my Darling piscean sis 'C' , my sagi bro 'K' n capri bro 'KM'.. thanks folks.. really really had a blast!! except for da few entrances ther ofcourse :S

* lol.. one incident bout my k-trip is hilarious actually..
my sis 'C' had planned a trip jus after mine.. to a hill station n all.. so obviously she needed to update her music collection n all.. n very unfortunately they hav DIALUP connection ther.. usin broadband has made me to habituated to fast net access dat usin dialup was a real PAIN.. so dear 'C' decided she wud download all her songs usin her dad's Blackberry.. wich is SOOO fast.. after dwnloadin quite sum songs one nite, wen she was pesterin uncle to giv her da fone, he asked wat da dwnloadin charges wer.. hehe.. ofcourse she had conviniently forgotten to verify DAT.. v called up those creeps n here's wat they had to say- First 500 KB dwnloadin free free free n after dat, da charges r 50p/KB.. er.. WATTT???? 50 PAISA PER KB????
heh.. after dwnloadin 68 songs.. wen v calculated, da total cost amounts to bout Rs. 1,75,000 :S
if they actually send us da bill.. my sis is BIGTYM screwed. i jus HOPE(wish, pray,beg) dat some miracle saves us all.. or my uncle wud probably send 'C' to exile or sumthin. God save us all. Amen. :S

* On a happier note..me had loads of fun wit C, stayin awake every nite n sleepin only wen v suddenly saw broad day lite.. heheh.. watchin movies whole day.. n yes, saw Spiderman 3 ..movie's second half was greattttt n James Francooooo *Drools*

* While returnin from Kol, me n my lil bro 'A' wer travellin alone.. but in da very next berth was one of my ol school frens.. hahaha.. he's a total idiot but v had so much fun studyin behavin lik small school kids.. mann i miss SCHOOLLLLL..

* Niece 'P' is growin up n FAST.. now she can chat on phone n speak on any given topic non-stop. Wow! :S

* Now dat exams r almost over.. i now realised i hav ABSOLUTELY nothin to do.. except blabberin on Fone, surfin net for hours n watchin TV. The last option however has now been limited to Koffee, Indian Idol-3 n Love story. Koffee is ofcourse hilarious as alwaz, II-3 has CHinese Chang who is SOOOOO adorable.. he's those rare guys who u kno..i'd lik to say.. Dude keep singin while i drool over u n your voice.. *blushes* heheh.. he's reallyyyy veryyy guuuddd.. :D n Love Story is this show by Anurag Basu (Gangster, Metro fame ), interestin concept n da lead guy is again 'Droolable' :S

* Everybdy around me is behavin in an odd manner..Gone r those days wen i was da optimistic n Tintin was da confused soul. Tintin has suddenly bcom this 'Guru' of optimism n me is very inspired by her nowadays..
Abhu is at her wit's-end lik me.. but she's now started writin all poems n all wich portray her frens as traiters.. ya abhu..dun think i dint notice. Hmph. i wud rather NOT giv explanations to this Capri who's got so much in store for her! :P
Monty thankfully hasnt changed much.. but but but.. yay!! she's got thru THE BEST law skool in da country n v r all JUBLIATIN!!! yay!!!!! i'm sooooo happy for her.. n even more bcoz this means she has One more month to stay wit us!!! yay!!!
Some frens r 'Busy' wit exams.. Some hav their results out n r celebratin n some sulkin , anddd some r MOVIN (IN)to CCD (*roflin* sorry buddy,i cudnt resist dat ok :P) :S

* n By da way, Abhu's efforts wer very gud indeed towards her FJ-DJ thing (hey dat rhymed!).. way to go gurl..U jus wait n watch ok? :S

* Nowadays suddenly i feel really nostalgic bout my 12th std books. Yuck. i hate myself for this :S

* All da Boards hav declared their results but i dunno wat saddistic pleasure our Council derives in delayin them extensively. so they r finally gonna b out tomoro n i dun think i can sleep tonite. Also, AIEEE results to b out tomoro..so..
Bye Bye Frens, Romans, Countrymen :S


Sneha said...

Hahha, thanks a lot for the mention :D:D n erm.. I'm seriously worried about your bill and its consequences!
All the best for tomorrow *bites nails*

greenvalleys said...
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Tina said...
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Tina said...

hmmmmm....dat blog wz indeed very gud 2 readdd...lol, c um just commenting sumthng coz i still dont knw if itzz goin 2 find a place in 'UR HALL OF FAME'. LOL, NYWAZZZ thnxx 4 d GURU of optimism which i'b been inspired following ur foot-steps :))

abhu said...

gosh!!:0 how can u guyz be so careless??? God save u!! iam never handing over my cell to u next tym!!*shakes head in disbelieve*

ah!! yes!!Chang is sooooooo cute!!! i hope he wins *prays hard* there is also another fello..they havent told his name so prominently yet, he's also kinda cgish:P
and puhleezz!!! i didnot point at anybody wen i wrote dat poem.and yes....i do have loads in store for me, without u guys also....
and thankz ...u liked my efforts...iam happy:)
yes..yes...even i feel very nostalgic bout my books AND ptpl...*sob sob*

Tejal said...

@Sneha- pleasure's all mine ya!
well i'm not exactly worried.. i feel hysterical bout it.. hehehehe
Thnaks n All da best to u too.. *no nails left.. all bitten off already*

@Tina- Welcom to blog world madam! :) yes yes hall of fame indeed :P heheh.. no re.. nowadays u sound lik a proper proper pravachan-type guru.. but a nice one mind u!

@Abhu-er.. heheh.. i kno..i dunno how v made such a mistake.. actually if it was C's fone then v wud hav definitely checked pehle but since it was uncle's .. er..hehhe.. v forgot (how lame dat sounds now)
achaa u wont give me? excuse me?? hmph. i shall snatch it away ok? :P
oh yaaa i forgot bout dat rickstar dude.. wats his name again? suhit or sumthin.. he very cute too hehehh
i dun miss ptpl but i definitely miss epu-ogling :((

Keshav said...

thnx 4 sayin u had a blast wid us...so did i...
ur life seems so damn attractive n lazy....
its ridiculously gud now dat da zam thing is finally over n ur partying hard..
well for miss "C" ---"GOD BLESS HER".. let her enjoy her trip.. afterwards who knows wat will happen :}...
um really really happy ur not lookin down n out like ur previous blogs n to sm extent ur stay here..da change is brilliant...ur actually looking like my old bubbly sis again :) :)...
just hope u r always like dis..
GOD BLESS U n ofcourse ALL DA BEST FOR 2MORROW.... i just wish ur as happy 2morrow as well :] ..
hope 2 see u soon.... tc...

Tejal said...

@keshav- heyy pleasure! i totally njoyed.. i did i did!! thanks to u :D
yea GOD bless us all..
well maybe ur rite.. am sick of bein pessimistic.. i've realised dat its SO not me :)
Thanks for da wishes.. luck is WAT is need ;)

raghu said...

aieee not tmmr ya..do some good reasearch! :P

Tejal said...

@raghu- really??? :0 btw, dats a relief.. sheesh! but wat gud is it?.. aaj nahi toh kal.. 30th nahi toh 31st..it HAS to com out before tomoro.. :S

Sayesha said...

Tejalllllllllllllllll, don't use SMS lingo to write posts, it drives me nuts! NUTS!!!!! X-(

Thus starts the spamming of Tejal's space. :P :P

Tejal said...

@raghu- hmph. by da WAY, i was RIGHT. it did come out on 30th dinnit.

@Sayesha- *bows deep* Welcom Bhai! hehe..
er..ok ok.. point noted.. no sms lingo in next post *Bhai se panga.. nahi lene ka*

Celina said...

Good for people to know.