Sunday, December 07, 2008


Its December already?
Where did my third semester go? :( How come i hav exams in exactly 10 days ? :((
So finally, the worst sem out of my whole three sems of college life is comin to a tragic end. Worst because my insincerity towards studies has stooped to unimaginable levels. I've had infinite fun this sem :D [er.. :(] Somehow finished my 'Design-Major' Submissions. However i hav no idea how 'Design-Minor' will be completed. Sad part is i'm not even interested anymore. Wonder how this happened. I just want this sem to end. I promise to study harder next time. I've made a million mistakes in the last three-four months. Can't really handle reality anymore. I was happy in my sweet lil imaginary world. Can't even remember how i ended up comin out of it.
Guess the whole 'Pride comes before a fall' thing is taking a toll on me :(

I was so happy.*Sigh* Second sem was lik a beautiful dream. Fests. Positive interaction with seniors *ahem*. Fresher's party. Becoming Miss Fresher was like too cool for me. Hmph. Then Exams..bludy how did i end up standing second in class i dunno. Entering 3rd sem with such a party mood has got me into so much trouble :(
I feel like running away. But then that wont solve anything coz i'll have to come back :( I think i had forgotten that i'm not just an engineering student.. i'm an architecture student. Damn the difference between the two.

I think i'm going crazy. I want two different things at the same time. Want to write this post. But am stoppin 100 times and wondering why the hell i'm writin it. Whats the point? But then whats the point of doing anythin in this world? Its completely pointless isnt it? ot is it? :O

I lost my very close friend this sem. All bcoz of a misunderstanding created by other people. He hates me now. In my defense(which i could never tell him) i'd like to say i was misquoted, misinterpreted and misjudged. I dunno if i deserve our friendship but i definitely dont deserve your hatred :((

I'm in quite a state of denial and dont want to accept anything. God i'm so scared. I'm turning into someone i dont wanna be. I dont wanna change but i am.

For the first time in my life, i have so many regrets.

Gosh, this is the most depressing post i've ever written :(