Saturday, March 31, 2007

Un-Cynical Me.

A sequel to a much Unwanted Feeling.

Here I stand,
In the middle of sumwhere,
Everything looks grand,
Life's givin me, my share.

I laugh out, i smile,
There r a lotta expectations,
n once in a while,
I feel da spice of Rejuvenation.

I look around me,
I see a lotta things,
I look behind me,
I see a lotta things,
And lo behold thee,
I have a lil foresight,
n ahead of me,
I see a shimmerin light.

Its hope, i guess,
That's saved me ,
From pain n distress,
Helpin me out of da Mess

I've come a lot further,
A lot Nearer n closer,
To the land of Wonder n Dreams,
thats jus a lil way ahead,
Coz its definitely more than wat it seems,
I've had enof of Dread!

I've stood still, waitin,
N waitin for things to be better,
Hoping things wud jus ,
Return to their normal quarter,
Coz it was a serene calm night.
But those days r long gone,
Cynicism has been replaced by Delight!

Now Sun's come out,
N he's ready wit all da answers,
Ther's no confusion, no doubt.

'Wat do u hav to say Mr.Sun?'
'Looks lik better times hav already begun,
Life, as it is Seen,
Is wat da Mind n Soul portray,
Tomorrow alwaz is n has been,
A Better Day.'

Liberty !



My Boards r Theoritically, Practically, Literally, Officially, Legally OVERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!


Thank u Thank u Thank u!!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Stumped !

So v r actually out of da world cup! :D

its not evn sad..its bcom very funny now!

n Sash has given it a very befittin Tribute!

Really, Phir bhi dil hai Hindustani!

Friday, March 23, 2007

A Tainted Cup n Other Stuff !



Well.. almost.
Firstly, i cannot belive it is da 23rd of MARCH,2007.
i mean..i cant belive i've survived through 23 days of sheer torture.. n yes..ther's much more in da week ahead.
Yes..major exams r over n now jus da weird optional subjects n pracs r left.. phew!



Yes.. cricket world cup 07 is now a tainted one.. wit Mr. Bob Woolmer bein suddenly dead.
I must say i was shocked wen i heard it.. not dat da death of a PAKISTANI coach bothered me.. (yea,um an wat?) but da DEATH of a Pakistani coach bothered me..
now police says it was a murder.. someone apparently strangled him.. wow! in such high security? amazin.. so now everybody is under suspicion.. from Shoaib akhtar to Mr.Musharraf to Dawood Ibrahim. wow!
This makes me feel.. Thank God..Greg Chappell dint die.. bcoz then, da suspicion wud hav been on-
1> Rahul Dravid..bcoz nowadays, everythin wrong dat happens wit da team is his fault.. n everthin gud is a collective effort !
2> Sourav ganguly.. bcoz everyone knows wat happened.. n this wud b the ideal way of revenge!
3> Virender Sehwag.. bcoz its da coach's fault dat he is not doin well!
4> Sachin Tendulkar.. bcoz he's Sachin..ppl jus want a reason to hav a go at him!
5> Sharad Pawar..bcoz i dunno.. he's da boss!
6> The Sponsers- they cudnt get their money back!
7> Woolmer..if da poor man was alive!
8> Basically every cricketin nation present there.. they jus want india to lose.. its racism.. its partiality.. discrimination.. blah blah (n all such words present in da dictionary).

So Thank God, Greg is alive.. but dear Greg.. u watch out today.. for da match wit Sri Lanka.. bcoz if u guys loose..there r a lotta reasons y da above ppl can actually b a cause of downfall.. n even if u tend to survive these ppl, once u come back to india, da mad fan following out here isnt goin to leav out nebdy neway!

Ppl get a life! Its just a game..its highly unfair dat someone must LOSE HIS LIFE for it! its too much to ask for.. really.



Yes, pls pls pls lemme enter..
Now dat da Entrance Exams r round da corner..all i wanna shout is... pleaseeeeeeee Lemme Lemme Lemme Enter!!!


Today's fortune:

You will be unusually successful in business

hahahahah..really? how???????

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Paintin da town Red!

(er..written on March 4th.. cudnt publish then.. heheheh )
Hmm..heard this phrase a lotta times… has many meanings
But sometimes.. ppl take it too literally…
Ppl asked me- u playin holi this tym?
Me- No way!!! U mad!!! Boards da next day! No ways..
Even las nite wen my fren told me to enjoy holi…
I was lik- no ya… u enjoy.. I’ll b wit my books.
(see R, I wasn’t irritated wit u.. was jus goin thru da holi blues..heheh)
Sheesh! So dat is wat I had thought!
Till 12.15 pm … I was happily sitting in my room.. whole morning nobody had forced me to play holi n all… ahhh.. peaceful life..
12.15 pm :
A Bhai enters my room already lookin fuuny wit colour all over
A Bhai- wat u doin in ur room? Come down.. its holi..
Me- no way ya! We hav exams remember? U’ve finished everythin or wat?
A Bhai – u comin or not?
Me – no.
A Bhai- wat? Holi comes once a year…blah blah blah
Me- um NOT comin.
He loses hope n goes out.
12.25pm :
C Bhai enters da room.. (he’s lookin even more ‘coloured’)
C Bhai- come.
Me- er..
C Bhai- come.
Me- (starts stammering) I got.. boards… 2moro…I..cant.. i… cant..
C bhai- its 12.25 rite now.. if u don’t come by 12.30..
I look at him wit pleadin eyes
He looks at me wit threatening eyes
Me- ok

Sheesh! So much for miss prim n proper who was gonna study whole morning.. n who had been lamentin for d alas two days dat this will b da only holi she’ll miss.
Whoa.. I wasn’t goin to.. but u guys don’t kno C Bhai.. he’s my eldest cousin n da only one in my house who has da power to scare me… n at holi.. he becomes a total avatar of da holi god! Doesn’t leave nebody! If u try to act smart n try to hide n ur room or bathroom... very bad idea.. he’ll bang on da doors wit his colour-enriched hands.. till u think da doors r gonna giv away.. n da way he smudges dat slimy colour (da permanent silvery ones.. he doesn’t even kno wats gulal, da lesser harmful substance) over all ur face! eeuuwwwwwwwwww
Now for da consequences-
I’ve turned a bright shade of PINK now.
Oh… sorry sorry… my FACE is pink.. my hands r MAROON .. hair is RED n nails r GREEN!
So all in all um lookin lik a total monster! (wud hav put up a pic but…hheehhe)

45 minutes of pure fun has its disadvantages I guess !

Today- hehe.. colours come off quite a bit… thank goodness for da number of soaps, shampoos n facewashes available in da country:)
hope u guys had an amazin holi!