Saturday, October 31, 2009


As you might have (probably) guessed by now, I'm (still) obsessed with Barney (obviously) and his Awesomeness.
For the uninitiated, Barney is Barney Stinson. I refuse to give any more details. Go google it yourself.

But lately, i've realised i'm having some OCD-type symptoms . I mean i'm obsessed with my new phone (hehehhhhahah), i'm obsessed with 5-star, I'm obsessed with Facebook, I'm so obsessed with Farmville on fb, I'm obsessed with my new phone (oh shit did i mention it already?), I'm obsessed about gaining weight... God, i can go on n on n on about this. Seriously, I think i'm losing it. Or maybe not.

By the way, i'd gone to Ranchi in the first week of October for Zonasa'09 at BIT Mesra. Yeah, maybe i should explain that. ZONASA is the Zonal Assosiation Of Students of Architecture, and there is this annual fest which is awesome. There are like six such zones in India. My college is in the eastern zone. So there are like nine colleges here- CETb, IITkgp, ABIT, JU, GCA, BESU, NIT Patna, AUCE and BIT Mesra. So like every year we go and have the most awesome time ever at these fests. In my First year, it was held at AUCE Vizag, then in Second year at JU Kolkata and this year at BIT Mesra. It was great, we came second n all. Ok enough Zonasa details for one post. Don't want to bore you :P

So anyway, my trip was great. I mean it was a complete chaotic madhouse kinda great but yea great. We were supposed to come back via train to rkl and then bus journey from rkl to bbsr. But as we reached rkl , we were told that our buses got cancelled because of a strike and so we had no where to go. There we were, in an unknown city, at the platform, at 10 pm, 60 students, loads of luggage, very tired after six days of madness, with no where to go. People told us the bus strike wont be called off for about three more days. And there was no chance of getting train tickets either. It was one of those nights of my life that i will never ever forget. Finally after hours of waiting, all of us went to some roadside hotel to u kno, just chupao our heads for the remaining few hours of the night. It was completely 'Hotel Decent'* types. Can't talk much about that night though. The most memorable moments are unmentionable here.Night was weird. Morning was weirder. We just had to get back somehow (Parents had started freaking out now). So we blocked this General compartment of this 'only train' that goes to bbsr. Travelled the whole day. Had a complete Swades moment. Finally reached back in one piece.

And among other stuff, its finally happened. I'm 20. I'm now officially no more a teenager. When i say this, i get a lotta "Everybody-goes-through-this" stuff. Hmmmm..very nice. I dont care about what everybody goes through. When other people used to turn 20, I used to call them up and laugh for atleast 10 minutes non-stop and then list out the changes that occur when one crosses over from 19 to 20. Yes, 'one small step for man but a giant leap for you' type speeches. Turns out, i gave this speech to too many people who didnt think twice before returning the favor to me. Lol.. so i had like a zillion people say the same things a zillion times that day. Even my kid brother wrote an elaborate card listing out how I should act like a sane person now. Ok fine, so now i'm old. hmph. Only age-wise. I still choose to act like a five-year old. hmph. You grow up. :|

And one more thing. Why, oh why, is it such a crime to be single in this world today?!
Another convo that I had like a million times on my budday-
Birthday Wisher- Heyy Happy birthday!
Me- Heyy thanks!
B.W.- So what did you get for this bday?
Me- Oh i got a pho-
B.W.- (Not waiting for my answer) Yea wateva, what did your boyfriend get you?
Me- haha..I'm single yaar.. so this phon-
B.W.-Yea right, so what did he get you?
Me- nothin..i dont-
B.W.- Fine, dont tell me. hmph.
Me- ..............

Everytime I say i'm single, firstly, nobody believes me, then , when they do, they have such a wide-eyed expression on their faces i feel like tapping their heads to test whether their eyes can actually pop out or not. What is your problem, seriously.

Anyway, this is quite a long post and if u've actually read this till here, you really are as jobless as me are'nt u??

'Till next time

*- If u've seen 'Jab We Met', you'll know.