Friday, August 17, 2007


Yes, its Time. Its Time for something to happen. Time to evolve. Time for the butterfly to come out of the cucoon. And She will.

Before going any further, I'd like to tell the people who have been after my life, asking me (after my previous post) who my supposed 'lurve' is , sadly guys, there's nobody. Infact,I prefer it this way :)
Last four weeks have been really weird. I've realised how I can do absolutely 'nothin' n totally enjoy myself. This was quite an achievement,was quite surprised myself bcoz if I were to lead a monotonous life, I would go crazy probably. But astonishingly, I've exceeded my own expectations. Trust me, doing nothin (that is, no productive work. Please use the distance/displacement rule to understand this complex situation.U cant? Too bad ) is an art. Contact me for further guidance on this matter.

Anyway, so once during my one month long holiday, I switched on MTV hoping to listen to some new tracks. Here's how it went-

Song One- 'Mehbooba mehbooba ooooooooo' by Himesh in Aap ka Surooooor
OMG. I'd never actually heard Himesh's version. I kinda flip the channel as soon as I see/hear him.It was jus this instance, when I wanted to know what the whole Asha-Himesh controversy was all about. DAMN. my mistake.
Horrible horrible song. Thank god RD Burman died long time back. This was one good reason for suicide, seeing his song 'oooooh'ed away by the Huzoooorrr. Or maybe murder?

Song Two- 'Aa khushi se khud khushi kar le' from RGV's Darling (sic)
Consider the irony. No actually, the timing was perfect. I wanted himesh to listen to this very song after song one. Or maybe, this song is 'made' so that anybody who listens to it wants to commit murder right then :| N to top it all, the lead dancer (whats her name again?)looked like she jus came straight from her own haunted house.
Mr.Akhtar, would u stop doing other random stuff and start writing songs again? These other people make me sick!

Song Three- 'Naughty Naughty' from Cash
Really, this was sheer torture. On a nice hip hop tune, the guys went 'Aey chori' or sumthin. (!!!) Please, what were u guys thinkin? The three actresses looked like they were at a halloween party(??!!) The less said about this song, the better.
No wait, I'm getting all this wrong. What was I thinking when I decided to watch all this?

After these three sickenin songs, I could not listen or see any longer and returned to watch Ducktales.( Stop smirking! I can listen to Unca Scroooge anyday but not Bollywood anymore.)
But talkin of Bollywood, the most watchble movie is in town. Chak de India! omg, it was such an awesomeeeeeeeeee movie!! Really, after quite some time, bollywood has given us a movie worth watching. SRK as usual was GOD. I didnt like the rushes of the movie but it was, astonishing, the most hilarious, patriotic n nerve cracking movie I've seen in a long long time. I would recommend it to everybody. And please watch it in theaters. Let Yash Raj make a lil money outta this movie? Please?

Btw, its exactly a month since I've taken a decision and chosen the 'path' of my life.
Tomorrow I hav an orientation in my *new* college. I'm looking forward to it. But yes, this doesnt mean I'm not having any other feelings for it. Actually I am kinda havin a panic attack *sheepish grin*. I really cant help it. New people, new place, new life. Ok now that definitely sounds fun :)

Finally, its during my happiness phase that I realised as to how much I've lost due to various *undisclosed* reasons. I've let so many people walk out of my life, just like that. Its not that I dont care, I do, I really do. But its just hard to admit it. Maybe it was my fault, maybe yours, but doesnt matter now, does it?

Note- After reading this post just now, I dont particularly know why I've mentioned all this here. I was going to write about something else. But this is my blog n I have liberty to write whatever I want! 60 years of independence right? ;)