Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This Instant.

If there was a term for people with sudden outbursts and instant (and drastic) mood swings, I would be called that. It wasn't so earlier but now, for quite some time actually, I keep alternating between 'Hyper-Happy' and 'Hyper-Annoyed' modes. Notice the 'hyper' phase in both though. One minute I'm smiling, next minute I want to hit somebody. Maybe its because I face extreme happiness and extreme difficulties back-to-back or maybe, you know, just maybe, I'm going crazy bit by bit. Hmph. Whatever it is, I dont like it. Grrr. I wish I wouldn't get affected by my surroundings so much. Lol. I should start meditation and crap.

So anyway, countdown has begun. Leaving for Ahmedabad in exactly a month.

Breathe In and Breathe Out. In Slo-Mo.

Friday, May 06, 2011


So I noticed that my blog has been pretty gloomy for quite some time. Not only is that very uncool but very wrong too. And life's never dull, is it? So many things happening all around. New, exciting things.

 Also, time to say good bye to so many people. I'll miss them a lot, all my B-tech friends. I didn't know, up until now, how many friends I had made in the past four years and now that they're all ready to go, clicking that one last picture, writing that one last wish, smiling and waving that one last time, I'm quite nostalgic and don't want to let go.

But then many new things await them too. New degrees, new courses, new jobs, new people. And talking about new jobs, I got through THE  place that I had been dying to get into for the 24 weeks of professional training in the next semester. I'll be going to a completely new city on my own for the very first time. I'm so bloody excited about it. I know its gonna be much tougher than I can even imagine but then its also waayy more exciting than anything I've ever done.So maybe its the time to move on, to new things, to take new roads, to make new goals.

Lots of other stuff happening. Aqua *ahem* has got many new "proposals" and even some international ones. And apparently, none of this is her fault. *Cough* *cough* I'd rather not discuss this further.

Tam turned 22 last week! A veryy happy birthday to her. I hope all wonderful things happen to her and she is bestowed with lots of blessings.

Also, among other terrific news, I got a new lappy! :D

Sooo pretty, isnt it?
Yeay! It's also super awesome!

More on this later. Bye for now :)