Friday, September 19, 2008

DON’T creep me out? Please?

Ok I can’t understand why people watch horror movies? NO, wait... I can’t understand why people MAKE horror movies???

I mean??? What is your bloody logic? U tell me Adrenalin rush... I tell u Bull shit. Hmph. Why do u want to complicate your already complicated and stressful life?? Movies are meant for entertainment, NOT for harassment.
So my point is: this is what I think and the reason why I don’t watch horror movies. Ever. If u don’t agree with me...too bad... please keep creeping yourself out. Just keep me away ok. The only horror movie I had technically seen in the theater was Bhoot, which I dint quite see because I had my eyes and ears covered by some helpful devices gifted to me by god- my hands. I only opened them when I had confirmed that it was day again and it would be perhaps a lil watch-able.
*Ahem* This story has been narrated time n again to anyone and everyone who know me. Somehow my batch mates, my so-called best friends Sim and I (henceforth to be referred as Aqua) came to know bout it. U see Sim n aqua claim to be my well wishers in all times but after yesterday, I beg to differ. So they all decided to go to some crazy movie ‘1920’ as some class got cancelled and we are generally pretty ‘jobless’ people. Hmph.
I had very nicely distanced out myself from it and not even talks of an apparent hunk of a hero could lure me. Suddenly I found myself cornered by Sim n Aqua. Ahem when they did not quite succeed in convincing me they brought in reinforcements. Enter Kingkong(KK) and Rambo(R) (yes very weird code names... the stories which led to them are weirder still).. U see KK is someone u can never say no to. Yea ok maybe he’s not a dictator but he’s a smooth talker. A very good one. Always makes me accept stuff. Sheesh. I HAVE to do something bout him. And there’s R.. phew..God save all the girls on this planet.
So between the four of them, they literally dragged me to watch this 1920 freak show with promises that they would let me close my eyes when I wanted and that even though so many of us were going, they would sit beside me. U see this is how I was fooled. No. Its not that they didn’t keep all of their promises, they did sit beside me..We sat in the order KK Sim Me R Aqua..yea that’s true, right in the middle.

Honestly, I don’t even want to review the movie. I didn’t like it. But then its not my kinda movie anyway so don’t be prejudiced on my account. Go if u want to but don’t say I dint warn ya.
I watched the whole movie this time. Not because I wanted to. Because KK Sim n R wouldn’t leave my hands. They kept on holding them and kept me hostage right there in my seat. There were many moments during the movie when I was looking at the screen horrified and all three of them looking at me, watching me struggle with my hands. We created quite a scene. When my hands weren’t ‘chained’ I was made to hold all the popcorn chips etc so that I could achieve my goal. Aqua however was as scared as me so she wasn’t among the conspirators. Thankfully (I think) the movie was preetttttttttty boring in the middle when all of them got irritated. A special mention for the climax scene.. it was hilarious. I mean it wasn’t supposed to be but then I guess we had all had enough.
All this in front of a complete stranger. Ok a friend’s friend about whom u have heard a lot and so has he about u doesn’t make him any less a stranger. He was sitting beside KK and was witness to each and every antics of mine. I later found out he thought I was cute. Dude, on a different day, I would have loved the compliment. My behaviour was anything but cute. But u were cute though :P

Btw, wtf? Movie shows Architects being called to the mansion and them being killed brutally one by one. And here we were, all of us, prospective architects watching mass murder of our own people. SHEESH. Good choice my friends. And hunk of a hero??? What the hell?? He might be good-looking but he can’t act! And the leading lady..the less said about her, the better. Naa actually don’t listen to me. I’m prejudiced anyways. As expected, my experience was horrific.

I can’t understand why people watch horror movies? NO, wait.. I can’t understand why people MAKE horror movies?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Love-Hate Irony.

I love rains. I hate monsoons.
I love speed. I hate risks.
I love books. I hate being called a bookworm.
I love talking. I hate people who don't listen.
I love mystery. I hate suspense.
I love giving orders. I hate taking them.
I love being given the veto power. I hate listening to the word 'No'.
I love drawing. I hate painting.
I love oceans. I hate that i cant swim.
I love Saturday evenings. I hate Monday mornings.
I love working till the wee hours of morning. I hate not getting enough sleep.
I love seeing the positive side of everything. I hate the pessimistic side of me.
I love packing. I hate unpacking.
I love my college. I hate mismanagement, irresponsibility and disorganisation.
I love my friends. I hate having to say goodbye.
I love the self-created fantasy world I live in. I hate anything that's not practical.
I love being the infinitely lazy creature that i am. I hate doing nothing.
I love spontaneity. I hate impulsiveness.
I love being unmonotonous. I hate changes of any kind.
I love Hollywood. I hate it when people criticize Bollywood.
I love watching TV. I hate over-acting and in general,over-dramatic people.
I love Ducktales. I hate Shin Chan.
I love organizing events. I hate participating in any.
I love music. I hate myself for being out-of-practice.
I love listening to stories. I hate gossiping about others.
I love the small things in life. I hate the bigger picture being ignored.
I love being around people who take care of everything. I hate not being in control.
I love blogging. I hate being so irregular at it.
I love having one thousand crushes simultaneously. I hate two-timing of any kind.
I love my room. I hate chaos.
I love having so many friends. I hate having to choose between them.
I love being in love. I hate the various heartbreaks that follow.
I love being so very busy in my studies. I hate not being able to hang out with my Friends.
I love chocolates. I hate anything(or anyone)that's overly sweet.
I love C++. I hate C.
I love my city. I hate the mentality and the rigidness of the people here.
I love having an opinion on everything. I hate people being over-critical all the time.
I love things that abnormal and/or extraordinary. I hate creepy crawly stuff.
I love analysing stuff. I hate being prejudiced.
I love my name. I hate mispronunciations.
I love Google search. I hate yahoo search.

I love my blog. I hate seeing so many 'I's in it.