Friday, June 22, 2007

Objection Overruled!

So she's goin on tuesday? :((
Objection Milord.
Hmph. Objection overruled.

So life's all about all this? people come people go.. life doesnt stop.
Yea right.. i've heard all that crap. But any kind of logic doesnt make this any better. In less than four days.. Miss Monty wil b leavin for her College.

Its quite amazin.. knowin her for FOUR years.. (though we were never really 'very' close in the first two years..) its hard to belive that we wil all go in totally different directions, fields, colleges, cities n lives.

So this is sort of a farewell thing to her.. just to make her feel special because that's wat she really is :)

I'm not writing a testimonial so i dont hav to be all formal n say nice nice things for her.. but now come to think of it.. er.. i dont hav bad things to say.. sheesh! oppurtunity lost :P

Miss Monty is THE most brilliant,funny,wacky,crazy girl of all times.. i've had sooo much fun with her.. gawddd.. okay now who am i going to call up n irritate? :(
Miss astrologer is gud at whatever she does n amazes me everytime she does it. Sheesh. R we ever goin to meet after tuesday?
No. i'm not goin to be all senti senti and ruin this post. *gathers herself*

Hmm..While searchin my tuitions copies for some of our 'handiworks' which we used to create :P during class.. i came across the MOST hilarious things.. for starters, lemme introduce the main characters in this story.. they r me 'T', Monty 'S', Abhu 'A', Epu 'E', Chammach one 'C1', Chammch two 'C2', n ofcourse Theta 'Th'hehe.. n i guess our doodles hav finally found a place in my blog :D

i've done this.. hehe... see monty, abhu.. it looks lik him na? na? and btw, main character .


By me again.. gosh this one is totally lik C1.. i hope he never ever finds my blog :P


yes.. i'm so gud at this :P Ahem. Abhudi? ;)

Theta n Abhu-

here, i've done theta n monty's made abhu! lol.. i'm sure she's gonna kill us both after this.

Theta again-

er.. ok ok.. i'm doin damage control.. *runs as far as she can from abhu*

N now for the 'alleged' link-ups-

heeeheee :P :P :P Notice the 'other' link-ups also ;)


Mizzy Monty gave her regards on the front page of my chemistry copy which could hav been confisticated anytime. Hmph.

OMG.. i forgot PSI!!!!

Psi was THE CG at our tuition n was alwaz Monty's jiju. Thank u very much.

My Famous 'Scribbling copy'-


Double sigh.


btw, (i cudnt resist this),

This is how my handwritin actually looks ok.. not like the scribbles (your supposed to say its very nice)

And finally,

:P :P :P

The reason why i've uploaded these pics is quite simple.. i'm sure.. wherever she goes.. wherevr abhu, tintin go.. wherever I go.. i'm gonna miss u people. A lot. A lot. A lot.

N Miss Monty..i wish u Best of Luck in watever u do, wherever u are.. although..however cliche this may sound.. please REMAIN as u are.. bcoz u are the most amazin chick i've come across.

P.S- For people who expected our 'real' pics on this post, please join facebook.. we've uploaded gazzillions of pics on FB.
and No, i'm not being paid by FB for advertising. Hmph.

P.S.2- ohhhh.. anddd i saw a rainbow today.. for the very first tym in my life.. i was returning to my place n saw it on the way.. the way i screamed 'Stop The Car!' really stunned the poor driver..ok..i mite sound kiddish.. but it was fantastic.. two years of endless spectrum watchin through prisms couldnt lessen the effect and charm of the amazin sight.. well i tried to capture it on my fone.. u kno.. 1.3 MP.. er.. u cant expect much.

ok. This much for this post. :D Thank u for reachin this far.