Friday, January 29, 2010

Nice and Cozy. Almost.

Winter is almost gone. Almost.
This year, it was freakishly cold here. Like normally, winter is pleasant here, being near coastal area and all but this year, we all were lik- brrrrrrrrrrrrr! all the time. So that is almost over.

Also, January is almost coming to an end. Almost.
It was a weird month considering the extreme highs and lows. And as you can see, i've deciced to blog more frequently. I've realised  that i blog a lot when i'm emotional like happy or sad or excited or frustrated. heh. So more of that from now.

My mainDesign submission is almost over. Almost.
 Jury is still pending but still, I've submitted my portfolio i.e. all my sheets. Phew. Its the bestest feeling (no, dont you raise those eyebrows at me. I will use wrong grammar whenever i feel like. hmph.). So yes, it is the most amazing feeling in the world, when one submits the portfolio. Its like nothing in the universe is more important to you than that portfolio. Something that you've created from scratch. Its such a proud moment, the submission.
 And when the jury rips off your design, pointing out gazillion mistakes,doing a complete post mortem, you seriously think about giving supari or better yet, finishing them off yourself.
Sigh. I tend to get aggresive about my work sometimes :|

Sixth sem has almost started. Almost.
As in first day was good. Second day was today and we kinda didnt have any classes so heh.
This time most of my classes are being taken by the wD proffessor that i mentioned earlier. So I'm like super happy and shit scared at the same time. (hehe)
And by the way, he told me yesterday... umm lets call him D (what? why are you giving me that suspicious look? There's no story behind the name 'D' .*wicked smile* Or maybe there is *more wicked smiles continue*).
Ok so D told me that I got the highest marks in his subject last semester and I was like *Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* on the inside and *shy demure smile* on the outside. lol.
Really, I'm on top of the world right now, with D praising me in front of the whole class and mD submission being over. I even went out shopping so as to celebrate the occasion. :P

For now, its nice and cozy and almost peaceful. Shit, this is so unlike my usual life. Lol.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Moving On.

The worst thing about time is that it stops for none. And that, is the best thing about it .
And time is the greatest healer.
So here i am, looking for a fresh start. So far, things have been a lil bleak. Many unfortunate incidents have happened in the last thirteen days. But, life doesn't stop either, does it?
M is fine now, much better. He has been very brave throughout the whole ordeal and i'm so proud of him. We are trying to move on. Really.
Some good news by the way. My exams have finally gotten over. God, they were on for like ages!
I couldn't meet so many people who had come to town during the vacations because i was having these stupid exams :( sorry :(
However, my submissions arent over yet. As in, they should have been over a long time back but seriously this is the toughest thing that i have ever done. Our 'Main Design' (mD) this semester is like a city centre kinda thing with an Auditorium and Cinema hall. Sigh. Seriously, toughest mD everrrrr!
I mean, i was told 'Working Drawing' (wD) was the scariest subject but no.. thats not true.. Yea, wD does take a LOT of hard work, i agree. I've had to repeat a particular sheet five times (not a joke) but atleast it was approachable and achieveable. And i'm kinda scared of the wD professor too. hehe. Not in a bad way though. Yea, i dont think 'scared' is the right word. I'm so in awe of him actually. He's like this super sharp scorpio and he's so good at what he does and i admire him so much and i dont want to let him down n all (same sunsign and stuff :P ) and thats probably why i get nervous around him. I think he knows i'm not dumb but i guess he is still trying to figure out why i act like an idiot when he's around. :|
Trust me, thats what i want to find out too.
So yes, inspite of all this, wD submissions got over way back in december and mD submissions are no where near completion. I think we have our sixth sem registrations from next week. I have no idea how and when i shall finish my mD submissions. *reads the previous line again and starts sulking*
Arrgghh.. I've studied so hard this semester. I want a break. I want a holiday. I want to have fun (without feeling guilty this time). I want to shop. I want to read the books (that are kept on that shelf, books that i've bought sucha long time back but havent had the good fortune of reading them yet. Inner Nerd says 'hi' to everyone.).I want out.
*sheepish grin*
I want fifth semester to end. I want sixth semester to start.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Now and Forever.

It was a happy new year. Infact I had a feeling that something good was going to happen this year. It did'nt. Infact, I dont think I've ever been this sad.

Sometimes, we take life for granted, we take people for granted,we take ourselves for granted. We shouldn't.
Sometimes, we dont realise what someone means to us.
Sometimes, that someone's grief makes you cry all night long.

Its easy to believe in the word 'forever'. Nothing and no one lasts forever. So, if you think that you've taken something or someone for granted, if you think that they will be with you forever, think again.

My friend M's younger sister died in an accident yesterday. She meant the world to him.

All is not well.