Monday, January 29, 2007

Its Done!

Yes, um squeaky.. yes, i used to howl at da name of injections.. yes, i can shed tears at da drop of a hat.. but this tym it was different.
My piercin was getting delayed due to weird reasons lik mom dad suddenly goin outta town n stuff.. but had to happen..
So mom decided enof is enof.. she n my aunt took me n v set out for da Mission.. i was forced to eat icecreams,chocolates, popcorn, pastries, pizzas, kulfis .. heheh.. (forced?? ummm...wrong term actually..hehhehe)
i felt lik askin - Bakre ko halaal karne se pehle khilaaya pilaaya jaata hai na?
lol... so after all dat they took me to a 'Sunaar' (goldsmith)..
he dint take much tym..
he took da gold earring..
it was very sharpppppppp.. brrrrr..
caught hold of my ear
it was done!
soo quickly?
i herd 'Crack Crack Crack' n it was done..
bludy this was easy n it dint even hurt!!
then da next ear.. over! finished..
i dint even drop a tear let alone scream!
phew! so much for nitemares involvin me n a hangman.. hehehehe...
so its done.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

And Finally..

Ther r many instances in life..wen u keep waitin for something to happen.. u want it to happen sooo badly dat u almost harrass da ppl who cud make it happen.. but then..wen it finally does..u dont want it anymore..
Er.. this is WAT is happenin to me..
Sinc v hav a very old family tradition.. Girls in da family do not get their ears pierced wen they r young..there has to b a proper wich da parents take some 'Pheras' ( our marriages..v dont take da 7 pheras at once..some r left for this occasion.. *disgust* ) ..n this happens wen their SON is in his EVEN years.. lik 2/4/6.. wateva..
So..i havent got ne piercin done.. yet.. but its goin to happen..this wednesday.. sooooo nervous..
All my life i hav been criticisin this particular tradition.. lik -y dint get all my piercin done in my chilhood.. um da odd one out..blah blah..
y da half pheras? this is lik a mini-marriage in itself?
y does da SON has to get involved? i mean..he doesnt play ne part... everythin is bout da parents n their darling daughter..wher does this third angle fit into?
All sorrry..i still dont understand da logic behind it ... n um sure i never will.. (wit due respect to all da gods n goddesses in heaven..if any one has a problem up ther.. contact me..or rather.. DO NOT contact me..)
Y? Y? Y? mom..y dint u get all this done wen i was a squeaky stupid 5-yr-old.. now.. its sooo scray mannnnn... some idiot tryin to push a whole pin inside my skin... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
as u can see.. um terrorised... i mite b actin lik an idiot.. ppl wil say -Everybody gets this done..wats da big deal blah blah.. some even get 3-4 pierces n all.. ok guys.. dats jus fine.. they hav da guts .. they can ok.. let them do it..
um jus tooooo childish?? yea.. i am.... So?
P.S- sorry for wastin ur tym n mine on such a stupid post but i reallly am gettin very jittery!!

UPDATE- Well well well...wednesde has come n gone n no sign of any horrible piercings yet..hheheh.. well all da puja n all is done.. so now i hav da licence to pierce anytym i want..hehhe... da later da better ;)
Btw..da mini wedding was great n had lotsa fun at da party :D
Life is sooo much fun.. hehhe.. (atleast as of now!)