Saturday, October 28, 2006


hey.. ppl hu kno me, kno dat, for me, my birthday is veryyyy important!!! hhehehe.. i may sound lik a 5-yr-old..(as snehudi puts it).. but its a fact!! actually.. i celebrate a whole bde month!!! October.. da best month of da year.. it starts wit durga puja.. hehhe.. wit dandia n all.. n then diwali.. hehhe.. da whole festive season!! then..finallyyy my birthday!!!! yay!!!!
Neways, this bde was da best bde of my life.. it began wit all da most important ppl in my life.. wishin me!!! then.. i got a veryyyy special gift from my parents!!(no point askin me wat it was coz i wont disclose it now!!!hehehe..) then in da mornin i went to da temple!! (yes doesn't seem lik it bt i am a very religious person..hehe..).. then, i had gone out wit my frens for lunch!!! yay!!! it was a vry special treat wit my best frens n it was a very very emotional moment for me coz next year.. all of us will b separated..(hopefully v all wil get admission in some gud institute.. outta this place!!!! *prayin to god*) v had a lotta fun n i got mannnyyyyy awesome gifts ..(another great advantage of bde.. u get a lotta cards n gifts n chocolates.. awww.. evry grl's dream)
Da whole day my fone kept ringin!!! heheh..(not dat it doesn't ring all day everyday, but duh?? dat day was special,rite???)
Then,i went to tuitions..(unbeliveabl but yes.. i had 2 go..) thankfully tuition was not as pathetic as it is usually!!!! hehheeh.. n finally..heheh.. epu wished me.. i cudnt beliv he rememberd!!! (so is dat a sign or indication or wat?? may b um jus over-reactin but wats da harm in bein happy rite?? hehehehehe *wicked grin*)
so all in all.. it was a great day wit everyone bein so sweet n ppl kept on complimentin me for no apparent reason.. heheh.. dats wehy i luv bdes so much.. ppl make such an effort to make ur day special..
heheh.. lastly,i wud lik 2 share wit u dat da person who really made every thin happen for me was my mom.. she arranged my gift(hehe.. still not tellin wat it was).. she arranged my treat, my dress .. everythin.. i hope i can liv upto her expectations (but dat is again very doubtful since um.. er.. a littl distracted nowadays.. guys, it was my birthday 4 god's sake!!!)
hehehe.. so now u kno y um so bde crazy n why dis bde was so special ;)
thankz to all my frens for makin it so speciallllllllll.. thank u folks.. u'll ROCK!!!
p.s- my internet connection is still under repair so i mite take some more tym 2 bcom a regular blogger again.. hehheh.. sorry for da inconvenience!!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


For me, intuition is wat ur conscience keeps tellin u to do (yeah yeah i kno.. da funny voice wich opposes evry enjoyabl action). its da voice inside ur head wich keeps on jabberin all da tym n gives u instructions as to all ur actions. writin bout it bcoz.. (it obviously has a reason guys.. i dun alwaz jabber )my some particular intuitions turn out to b vry true n my frens (er..2 b precise, a particular chirpy libran ) freak out wen my guesses in exam r sooo true. but da truth is.. its jus a guess n guesswork leads u nowher..
all my life, i've relied on my utter guesswork (hehe..) n yes sometyms da voice tells u da rite things.. well.. so my dear libran, i hope u also hav such kinda "powers" in future wich wud guide u thru ur bad tyms (not dat i want u to face ne of them but.. v rarely need intuition in gud tyms !!)
as of now.. my intuition says dat if u dont go n study rite now, u mite flunk in ur exams (wich r comin up soooooon) or else ur mom mite jus giv u a wonderful lecture!! so in order to avoid da above circumstances, um leavin on a gud note sayin.. evtrybdy's got a voice of intuition in them.. u jus need to hear carefully...
p.s- i kno ther's lack of content in da blog.. well wat did u expect??? sum thesis on intuition or psychology or sumthin??

Examzzz!!!! (zzzz....)

Wen god created us, he must hav been a teacher or a lecturer or sumthin of dat sort.. or else, y wud he setup so manyyyy examzz for us..
i mean.. jus luk.. da first exam was for Adam n Eve bout dat Apple thingy ( wat logic was dat?? as in.. if u dun want them to eat it then either dun create da fruit or dun restrict them.. coz restrictin them instigated both of them to actually taste wat was forbidden!! no point seriouslyyy..) n then ther were so many exams for da ancient rulers in da name of wars( big shit really..).. n now for us intellectual n intelligent creatures, v hav board examz!!!
y? y? y?.. i simply ask myself.. v dun study for them.. v feel guilty.. v stop enjoyin our gifted life.. y? y? y?.. y cant v jus live a peaceful life, full of other things lik T.V., movies, internet (..hehe..).. ok.. seriously.. v can do much more interestin stuff.. y simply waste tym on sumthin wich doesn't interest us at all???
Lik Julius Caesar said "Cowards die many tymes b4 their actual death", evn students die many tyms b4 THEIR actual death.. so much pressure on da fragile shoulders of young innocent kids *wicked grin* ..

Monday, October 02, 2006


heylo ppl!!
i've finally attempted 2 make a serious blog!!! this post is bout surprises!! i love surprises normally.. if they r in my favour n for my personal benefit.. otherwise.. unhappy surprises (or rather shocks..) r very unwelcome!!
my dear libran fren says dat i hav dis knack of jus "knowin" things .. well.. dats da advantage of bein a scorpio i s'pose. but.. it has disadvantages also.. lik fear of da unknown!!
so.. my life is very.. er.. wat shall i say.. un-monotonous (!!) in many ways.. lik weneva i think dat every thing is fine n normal, ther comes this blow!! n life turns upside down all of a sudden.. i wont say i lik it but nonetheless i think this actually wat life is all bout.