Thursday, November 25, 2010

The End Begins..

Hello internets!
I know I know, loooong time no see.. but you see I've been very busy lately. Busy doing what you ask? Well you know, just busy doing nothing :D
I'm a bit random you say. Ahh that I am. More so in the past couple of months. People who have absolutely lost their will to do productive work (due to *various* reasons) are generally random, aren't they?
So like you might have probably guessed, I'm about to give a nice little description about my randomness(you havent? Shame on you, go do some background reading and come back).

So a month ago, I turned 21. Yes yes dont be so shocked. I'm all grown up.*bows*
Yes, now please wipe those tears and don't over-react. I know its hard to believe because I don't usually behave er..umm in a very mature manner (my lil brother exclaims "You're 21!" with disbelief almost every other minute when I start talking. He finds it hard to believe that someone my age can act the way I do. hmph. I mean what does that mean? To him i say, you grow up. hmph.).

So yes, 21 it is. I had a great birthday. And it was totally contrary to what I had thought it would be. Mostly because two of my favourite people have left town this year and I thought it would be extremely dull without them. But both of them made my day.Along with some other very sweet people. Sometimes, you dont expect some things out of some people, as in, you hope it would happen but at the same time you dont really expect them to. And its like really really wonderful when people go beyond your expectations. Sigh. Birthdays are the days when you realise how many friends you've made. Yea maybe they call you only once a year and vice versa but at-least they do. That's what matters. I hear many people think that its just another day. Well its not so, it definitely is not so. I consider myself lucky to have the love and affection of so many people. (And to those who didn't bother, well its your loss dude. :P )
Among other things, sometimes really really unexpected things happen. Like realllyy unexpected. Hehe.

Moving on, further life decisions have been taken, stuff is being planned. Next year is really crucial and scary at the same time. But i think it'll all be okhay. Because really, everything so far has been okhay, if not great or terrible. Lets just say, I'm not going to complain about whatever happens but I really hope some things work out the way I want them to.

By the way, did I mention I have a submission tomorrow. Yes, finally towards the end of this semester, it is submission time again. So some things are back to normal and un-random if I may. And next week will have the onset of end semester exams. Which i'm kinda looking forward to (Yes I'm weird. Oh you didn't know that? My bad.).

And lastly, the end that i refer to in my post title is the end of college. Yes, our actual college-end is like a year and half later but my fellow engineering students have only eight semesters and technically (inspite of us having a ten sem course) eighth semester is like almost the end for us. The end of typical college days for sure.Everybody around me is getting nostalgic and want to really enjoy this last semester. Ofcourse, all that the students want is a job or an mba insti but yea, apart from that.Well I hope that happens. I hope all my to-be-engineer friends get good jobs or get into good mba intitutes and  all us to-be-architects find the patience and courage to survive three more semesters.

I know its too much to ask but if I could, I would want life to treat everybody well. 'Everybody' mostly includes all the people around me, the victims of the constant vicious cycle of life. Like come on, we need a break, a break from expectations and disappointments, from wanting too much and losing too much and we need that break, like now.