Sunday, May 10, 2009

About time.

I know I know..I have to stop being this random and write periodically. heeh. We'll see about that.
So, time for updates.
Rajasthan trip was awesommmmmmmmmme.
Special mention : The people of rajasthan are fantastic hosts. Their motto is literally 'Padharo Mahre Des' ('Please visit our state'). You should totally experience it once atleast.

Did u?

I voted this time. For the first time. It feels great by the way. Now I can criticize the system, the functioning, the execution etc etc etc, coz I’ve finally earned the right to do so. If u didn’t vote, you have no such right.

Like they say, To change the system, one has to be IN the system :)
Please vote. Each vote counts.

And now for some backlog tags. Dewdrop tagged me ages ago.
Here are the rules -
Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

25 Random facts about me:

1) I’m a Scorpio. So judge me all u want. I care a damn. :)

2) My favorite month of the year is October.

3) My favorite color is crimson and then I like blue, black and white.

4) Jaipur is my favorite city in India, followed by Pondicherry and Hyderabad.

5) I have a weakness for awesome perfumes.

6) My favorite fairy tale is Cinderella.

7) Whenever I go to a bookstore, I act like a four year old in a toy shop. I want all of them :P

8) I’m the laziest creature alive on planet earth.

9) Newspaper addict. Ahem.

10) I talk to myself pretty loudly, to the extent that lil bro A does a double take each time and asks in amusement “you’re not on the phone, are u?”. :P

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is check my cellphone. I freak out if I don’t find it. And I never switch off my phone. If it is, something is majorly wrong with me.

12) I believe in destiny but I also believe that destiny is not completely out of our control. Its like there are always options , like when you have to make a decision about two things, destiny lays out the rules saying if u choose Item One then you will be subjected to so n so and if u choose Item Two then you get so n so. So ultimately, its upto you to choose your destiny. Sigh. See, its so simple :P

My favorite actor is Shahrukh. I love the way his mind and eyes work.

14) I’m a night person. The only times that I see sunrise is when I don’t sleep all night.

15) Last book(s) I read - the Percy Jackson series. Hilarious.

I’m crazy about the Greek Architecture. One of the places that I will visit, atleast once in my life, is Greece.

17) The only problem people have with me is that I’m sometimes too honest. When I do say something, I say exactly what’s on my mind.

18) I have major ‘principle’ issues. I follow too many of them.

19) For me, ‘respect’ is the most essential element in a relationship. If I can’t respect you, there’s no way I may like or love you and vice versa.

20) Four years back, I used to write in slam books, that my aim in life was to become a mad scientist. Omg. I’m so close.

21) I do things that make me happy. I don’t care if they are considered right or wrong.

22) I don’t take orders. When someone tells me u will HAVE to do it. I won’t do it. Even if I were going to do it before, I won’t now, if you gave me an order to do it. Ask me nicely, request me, advise me whatever but don’t dictate. No point.

23) I love talking. I can talk non-stop for days. Really.

I have mood swings but they are generally categorized as dramatic, over-dramatic and ultra-dramatic. Or so they say. :P

My friends are of the opinion that I’m a lil crazy. I agree with them.

There you go, now you know me better :P

I tag Sneha, Abhu (yea both of u have to!),Random (mister, u havent posted anything for way too long) and anyone who would like to take up the tag :)

So, see u, dear reader and till the next post, don't catch the flu and also be careful of the people around u. There might be someone who's deceiving you big time and you are going around telling people that that someone is your closest friend. Seriously, I hope that never happens to u. Never.