Monday, June 21, 2010

Drive Me Crazy.

Yes, I've been taking driving lessons, much to the horror of most of people who know me. All i can say is that so far I've managed not to hurt anyone. Yet, that is.

I do all sorts of crazy stuff when i drive though. Like once i completely lost it when there was a lot of traffic and vehicles were coming from all directions. I sort of abandoned the steering wheel and everything and went "Omigod what do i do now?" and my teacher, an old, bald, plumpy guy, said "*Sigh* You drive. Ahead."

And then there are times when i ask him neurotically, "Ok am i actually driving on my own? Like u aren't helping at all, right? Like this is nice, huh? Like I'm not even scared now, huh? Like I'm getting better everyday, eh?", to which his usual reply is, "Yea.Turn left now." Sheesh so much for appreciation.

But its not like he is the quiet types or anything ok? He keeps on and on and on about the road and the traffic and once he even narrated a mahabharat story to me. All this to avoid over concentration on my part, he says. :|

So today , i was driving after like a month (coz i had exams and then was out etc) and it takes time to get into the groove right? I mean the first time ever that i drove a car i was like "Wheeeeeeeee", its like totally fun, the way the car responds to even the slightest touch of your foot. But the fun tends to decrease as one goes beyond the basics and your teacher lets you drive completely on your own especially on really really busy roads.

So,as usual he was talking incessantly, about getting a license,
Teacher- *sounding really doubtful * So, u are eighteen, right?
My Thought Bubble - Duuuude. You ask me this after you teach me how to drive?
Me- Yea totally. I'm 20. *smug look*
Teacher- Yea. Turn left now. And then stop. And slowly. *Gives me his this-is-not-a-racing-car look*
(er..i tend to drive a wee bit fast. I'm all about the speed u'know :P)

So i halt (yes, very slowly) in front of a house and out comes the next trainee.
My Thought Bubble- o_O .....WTH?! She is going to drive?? duuuude she looks 13!! Baby faced and still has baby fat!! i am SO getting out of this car right now.
New Girl- *walks towards the car, looks at me and starts smiling away to glory *
My Thought Bubble- ohkayy..she seems really happy huh? must be her first/second class. *smiles in a reluctant yet encouraging way*
New girl- hey! St.Joseph's right?
Me- umm, yeah.
My Thought Bubble- ohhh-kay. She recognizes me. She knows which school i went to.And  i have no idea what-so-ever who she is. Dude, i am famous :D :D ok fine, maybe not so much. She must be a junior. What if she's a senior *freaks out*. But she looks so small.OK ok get a grip. Just look outside the window okay. Deep breathing will help i think.

 Heh. So yea, I drive myself a lil crazy at times.  I mean thats normal, right? :P

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So this is what it feels like, to be free? Its nice really. Not bad at all. My first proper "free" time after 14 months, it sure feels nice. And it feels new. It does.

After much MUCH wait, sixth semester is kinda* over. To sum it up, I would say its been a  rough semester. I was going to say 'tough' but that would be an understatement. Last month was crazy, completely crazy (erm..hence no post). This time both our mainDesign AND workingDrawing submissions were completed before the end sem exams, so yea, its been rough :)

Exams got over last week and I had an awesome one week holiday after a long long time. Was away for a few days and a lot of time was spent on making to-do lists (wheee!), the first item on each list being updating and upgrading this blog.

Also,this is the first time that I'm trying new templates. So do tell me how this new template looks.You can also vote on the tiny little poll-thing thats on the left side. I'm tryin out different templates so i think this blog is going to look different (wheee!) every month or so.But for now, "Its All Yellow" :P

A lot many things have happened recently that I keep forgetting to mention here. Like I got a new pc two months back. Its so awesome.Till now, I'm like super happy with it *touch wood*.And other such random stuff you know?

Among other things, i had the most amazing 'beach' experience lately. But more on that later. Ohmygod i SO love the ocean. I do, I really really do. I can just keep looking at the waves forever. Its totally therapeutic. Next only to shopping, ofcourse.

So I think I'm going to wrap up here, hoping that these next two months, i will write more, live more.

*One submission is still left but ehh..wotcha gonna do, eh? :S