Friday, January 02, 2009

New n Improved !

Happy New Year to all! :)
Recently, I've come to realise that my blog has become a very frustrated, depressed, overworked and stressed-out person's blog. Let me inform u, that is in fact not true. hmph. There are many things that i may be. Being a pessimist is not one of 'em ;)

So here's 2009! heh! I'm sure everybody's made new resolutions.. Do share!
My resolution is to Talk less n Work more! I was never a chatterbox but whoa! all limits have been crossed by yours truly. The realisation has now dawned upon me that talking a lot reduces one's work output tremendously. So i shall not talk much and work hard. Thing is, my last year's resolution backfired majorly.. Twas 'Work hard n party harder'..bleh too much partying i tell u..too much!

Ok somehow this January I'm strongly reminded of Jan '07 and the contrast between the two.

~ Then,the thought of giving JEE's had robbed me of every tiny glint of happiness. I now want as many opportunities to prove myself n to improve.

~ My priorities in life have changed drastically. From just wanting to pass somehow in the board exams, i now want to be the best in everything.

~ My friends have mostly swapped their relationship status :P Happily-single ones have become committed *ahem ahem* n the happily-committed ones are now single *ahem*.
I'm still single. But now I'm one of the last few of this extinct species. Damn.

~ I fear I'm losing my innocence. This cruel world is changing me into a spiteful and bad-tempered sort of a person. I miss my 'sweet-lil-darling-angel' days :(

~ From being the subdued lil creature whom ppl generally refer to as 'mouse-type', I'm now referred to as a 'popular' person who's got friends wherever she goes. (however 'friends' here refers to mere acquaintances..i cannot boast of having many true friends)

~ My best friend is still my best friend but other ppl/friends have changed their status. Now there are many category of Friends like Perennial, Seasonal and Annual.
Perennial are the ones who are there all along, Seasonal are the ones who are one's friends at particular times n then vanish and then appear again, Annual are the ones that wish u diligently on your bday,new year,diwali,christmas etc. Apart from these, they forget u completely.

~ I've done most of the stuff that i had imagined i would do in college so now there's nothing left but to study ;)

~ From being mostly a singer in all kinda competitions- school or otherwise, me has turned into dancer these days. From frontstage-fright to frontstage-addiction. Sigh. Where are my backstage days?

bleh. There are many other changes. i cant possibly list out all.
n btw ppl who did read my previous post, nothin to worry about folks! Me did the second submission too! exams are now over and life is not all that bad anymore :P

*Ahem* I've been talking too much again haven't I? Damn!