Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ray Of Sunshine.

All of a sudden,I'm very happy.
I keep smiling throughout the day, singing to myself, enjoying every moment of my life.
None at all.
I dont need a reason to be happy. I'm happy because of everything around me. My existence makes me happy. And I choose to remain happy hereafter.
Do you?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The 'Dream' guy!

I'm not much into politics. I dont care which politician said what, I dont care who meant what, I dont care who is betrayin whom, I dont care who was loyal anyway.N whats more, I'm not doing anything that would help my country in any way.In short, I'm just another teenager. Now dont get me wrong. Its not lik I dont like my country. On the contrary I'm quite patriotic(i.e. I'm proud of my country even though its not Independence day or Republic day :P).But it still doesnt matter which is the ruling party in the country. What am i? Hypocrite?
But ther's one person whom I really really admire. U kno, really really admire types? n whats more? Even though he was into politics he never got into the politics.
If I just made any sense to u, then you might hav guessed what I'm about. Its weird actually. Its his last day in office. And I feel so weird. Its our Mr.President (Last time I can call him that), Dr.APJ Abdul kalam.
I like the dude. He's neat. Very unlike politicians.
Maybe because he was never one of 'em. And thats why he didnt get a second chance when he SO deserved it.
My assosiation with him goes back to a GK book when he was just the 'Missile Man of India'. Bleh i couldnt understand back then why his name was so long. Then in 2002, he was suddenly elected Mr.President. Nothin great really.I liked the previous Prez's name. He reminded me of Malgudi days. (I was like 12?) Yea so thats when our darling english teacher suddenly gave us an assignment- Write an extempore, If I were Mr.Abdul kalam On the eve of his election, what would i do?
er.. not a very pretty topic. especially when u have to say it in front of the whole damn class tomoro,is it? Dunno about u, but I was definitely *ahem* aghast. i mean what exactly would YOU do when you r like supposed to be elected the President of India the next day? yea on that eve? what? stay at home n watch TV? gosh. i sure did SOME research on him so find out what exactly he would. Turns out he visited his village. but not on the EVE ok?
So thats really how i came to know a lotta stuff bout him. Nice guy really.
*Back to Present*
Uh-huh. Five years later. He's done his job, has'nt he. Pretty well too, if u ask me. Damn good. he remains to be the only Politics guy whose Speeches make me wonder. wow. If you've heard his address on Independence's days eves that is. he receives a standing ovation.
Driven by curiosity, i had even read up his past n all. wow. some acheiver he is.
Though i despise his hair style (heeh! dont blame me, i'm a girl),his persona, the way he conducts himself, i dont think i would want anything more from the president of MY country. I cant think how the *ahem* Next president would step into his shoes. But i hope she does. And i hope someday I'll read 'Wings Of Fire', I've not read it yet. I'm kinda not much into autobiography n stuff. But the tittle really intrigues me.It does. The way its author does.
He's the 'Dream guy' for me. Not because he visits my dreams (hell, no!) but because according to him, if you can Dream about it , you can achieve it. So dont be hesistant to Dream. Thats what i have learnt from him. His every speech,every doctrine was about this.
To Dr.Kalam,
u've taught me just one thing, To Dream.
Thank you very much for this.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

What should I study?

ok now dont look at me lik that. i jus stumbled into this Blogthings thingy :P

Your Learning Style: Unconventional and Insightful

You are very intuitive and ingenious. You're attracted to any field of study that lets you break the rules.

You Should Study:

Art history
Comparative religions
Eastern religion

I could NOT belive the results.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Don't Cry?!

This mornin, i was cleanin my room. Yes, this statement is meant to be weird and funny at the same time. ME?? Cleanin the room?? :0 NO, it isnt because of some transformation, it was..well.. thats a another story ok. Sheesh!

So, here i was pickin up stuff from everywhere, thinking where to dump them, playing a song on loop, shoving stuff, getting irritated.
This is whem my mom entered the room with the most horrified expression on her face, Saying- Why is he cryin?
Me- (stoppin dead.. thinking- OMG, whose cryin? Wait a minute, crying and He shudnt b going together, WATS WRONG? then in a fake calm voice i asked)
Who is crying?
She- *pointing to my PC* Why is your Computer crying?

I was playin 'A Place for my head' By Linkin Park on loop