Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Five Year Plans.

Sometimes, when people hear that i'm doing a five-year degree course, they go like :O
lol..of course, five years seems like a long time and it definitely is, but to tell you the truth, life is different on the other side. Other side of the fifth semester that is. Once you finish half of your course, everything seems different. Like its all going to end soon. Like nothing matters anymore coz its not going to last long enough anyway. 

Sixth semester has been tough. Very tough. I dont remember working so hard ever. Ever. Still, its not been enough. All thanks to D, our Darling Dracula professor. I could write a whole book on him. But i'm not going to :P

Recently, a lot many people seem to be very interested in my love-life. My non-existent love-life that is. Sigh. I know i've been too choosy, i know i've broken some hearts, i know i've been aloof, but i cant help it. Its just that i dont think any of them was (is) worth the trouble. heh. As soon as i find someone who makes me wanna break my own rules, i'll say yes. (There you go, Tam n Aqua, this is your answer, now stop annoying me, will ya?)

So yes, coming back to the main issue, i dont mind doing a five-year graduation course. Even though some my friends will be graduating this year itself (why is Bcom just a three-year thing? why? why?) and they will finish their masters(!!) by the time i complete my bachelors course, i still want to study further. Hopefully i'll do that and have a master's degree right after B.arch. Wow. That means four more years of college. Yikes. Thats long enough, i guess.

Okhay and will someone tell me the deal with the CAT exams in India? Thank GOD i don't want to do MBA. I mean what the hell? One of my first cousins got a 96 percentile n she was a lil unhappy and i was like- haan fine there still are 4 percent people above her. Another cousin got a 99 percentile and STILL he was unhappy with his result.
WHAT is wrong with the world?! Where did the 'healthy' competition and stuff go? This fat, ugly and gross competition makes me want to hit something. Or someone. Yea, something like that.