Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wheee !

I'm off on a 10-day long trip to Rajasthan and i'm leaving tommorow.. WHEEE!

*composes herself*
*ahem ahem*
ok fine, excuse me this time ok, my dear readers, coz i feel all nice nice and very very excited about my aforementioned holiday.
gee, its been SO long since i've been on a 'proper' proper holiday.. (is it just me or am i actually repeating a lotta words unneccessarily?)
so yea,i've been quite the traveller sorts when i was younger.
i've been to manyy places and almost ALL nice tourist places in India (ha! aren't u jealous now!) and i absolutely lovvvve travelling..going to new places..discovering new stuff! *dreamy look*
But unfortunately all this had reduced considerably during last four years, due to circumstances (stupid boards, dad's work, stupid boards again, mom's illness, stupid attendance thing in college.. etc etc etc)
However, during this time, i have gone to my cousins' city(s), also have been to Kolkatta gazillions of times, etc but these werent proper holidays..
So finally, my long wait is coming to an end and i'm goin to visit some of the very beautiful cities of Rajasthan(yeay!). I've once been to some places but i hardly remember all that.. gawd going to a place with such lovely architecture.. ahh i just hope its not too hot there.. but even if it is! All my friends have been like "yea Marwari going back to her Gaon!".. yea I am. hmph.
n I'm loving it!

Yes, thats exactly what i'm saying for the past 2 days! WHEEEEE!