Sunday, November 26, 2006

WaTs In Da NaMe???

Yeah rite..wats in da name?.. everybdy has a name.. (duh?) wats so special bout names..evrythin in da world has been granted da rite 2 hav a name.. yeah.. ok.. y is Blog Owner (BO) writin bout names.. well dats bcoz BO wants to share wit u da experience of havin a ' Unique' name.
BO has had a very 'unique' xperience wit her own name.. its a nice name u kno..but da problem wit it is dat.. its a different n uncommon name.. n thus this leads to a major problem in BO's life.. weneva she introduces herself to others, she is forced to repeat herself as ppl never get it in da first attempt. *ahem*
they alwaz luk for similar soundin names!! "wat? Sejal?"-this is da patent question!! :(
She has to spell it out so dat ppl understand how to pronounce da name.. "Its Tejal , T-E-J-A-L"
n evn then they dun get it.. some ppl call her TEJAAL,some call her TIJEL, some pronounce it as TEAJEL,some dun evn bother to see da "E",they jus say TAJAL..oh.. BO gets sooooo annoyed..helo? if u dunno how to pronounce then pls ASK!! BO is alwaz ready to guide..
n this is not da end, some ppl hu r so ignorant dunno da difference between 'J' n 'Z'!! so end up callin BO as TEZZAL!!! one female actually thought dat TEZAL was right n BO had pronounciation problem n thus BO said TEJAL!! excuse me??? BO knows how to pronounce her own name alrite?? giv BO a break pls!!
Then, after pronounciation..comes da MEANIN .. ok.. TEJAL means 'Lustrous Beauty'..ahh.. wt a meanin..BO has to explain evn dat .. "uh.. Lustrous means shining u kno, shining beauty???" o gawd!!!!
but nw BO has found a unique way to express herself.. she says, "My name is Tejal.. oh u dun kno dat? dats ok..u kno Sejal? wel it rhymes wit dat, jus put a 'T' in place of da 'S'.. "so finally they get it n BO is left alone n not attacked wit a volley of questions!! *sigh*
Sometimes, BO wonders wat wud life hav been if she had a normal common name.. but then as enlightenment reaches her..she corrects herself into thinkin dat special ppl hav special attributes n mayb a special name is jus one of them..
heheheheh.. *blush blush*

Friday, November 24, 2006


well.. 2de Blog Owner (BO) took all da pains to see all da features on da new beta version on blogger.. dats sayin sumthin coz bein as lazy as BO n then tryin to change n update (n upgrade ) sumthin wich's a can-left-for-2moro-type job is a bigg thing.. (hehehhehehe.. *evil grin* )
da whol thing started wen BO was visitin other blogs n felt da utter need to do sumthin bout her overly borin template..n plus her ejjaammzzz r goin on so she was jus tryin to find sumthin to do to keep her glued to da comp.. so inspite of protests from her monster-of-a-brother (henceforth named as MS) hu was tryin to steal da comp seat (wich obviously BO dint allow..duh?), BO upgraded her blog finallyyyy.. changed da template..though she doesnt lik it so much but nevertheless its different (!!!)
so now BO is all set to avail all da new features of da Beta version n is all eyes n ears to suggestions *smilin wickedly*

Friday, November 17, 2006


hey..this is my entry for da college on n tell me da chances of it being selected n gettin published in da magazine!!!!!!!!


Once our college professor asked us,” What is education?” .We all gave different views about the word. Some said knowledge, some said certificates, and some said degrees. But no one even thought about the real meaning of ‘Education’.
All of us, who are educated, know the basics and fundamentals of our respective streams. Our Indian system of education ensures that students, right from the primary classes, have enough competition and stress such that students are oblivious to what they are studying, why they are studying; they just join the rat race.
In other countries, academics pressure is not so high. They have an all-round programme consisting of extra curricular activities and personality development of the child.
In India, by and by, as the child grows older, the meaning of education keeps on changing. In the beginning, school and studies are full of fun and frolic; gradually they become an obligatory task. And finally board exams (which are a terror in themselves) are mandatory and a major turning point in his/her life. People take up different streams after tenth std and their lifestyle changes accordingly. From carefree, mischievous kids, they suddenly enter a new world of responsibility and burden.
Not only their career, but their prestige in the society depends upon their twelve std marks. People taking up Arts and Commerce toil a lot but those students who have opted for science have to face the three lettered monster – I.I.T. Well, getting entrance into IIT has become a kind of rage and uproar among +2 science students. This is to the extent that they start neglecting their twelveth board exam. But this is their biggest mistake, as, thanks to Mr. Arjun singh, honorable union education minister, it is quite likely that in the coming years, there will be about 50% reservation of seats of seats for the SCs/STs in the IITs, IIMs and other governments institutions. Therefore, the number of seats in the general category will be 50%. But don’t you worry; there are enough number of quotas to grab that 50% too. Sports quota, Defense quota, CBSE quota, NRI quota – to name a few. The truth is that the general caste students feel under-privileged now.
I do not mean to harm the feelings of people of any caste, creed or language. In my view,every Indian child should have the motto -“Education is my birth right and I shall have it ” not, "Education is my reserved right”.
Merit should be the basis of all reservations. In fact I know a lot of SCs/STs who feel that this discrimination is worse. Even they are qualified and are smart enough to sit for any exam without any alien treatment being rendered upon them. After all, all of us are Indians. We should enjoy equal rights.
Gandhiji had a dream. He dreamt of an enlightened India, An educated India. he wanted to make India a nation free from any discrimination. Then why this discrimination now? The authorities are taking steps quite contrary to the original Gandhian plan of action. Not only reservation, the authorities are ensuring that students face such difficulties during their graduation studies that the number of students studying post graduation is decreasing year by year.
This does not mean that the standard of education in India is low. The top institutes of India are ranked best among the institutes of the world. The educated Indian people are very much in demand in foreign countries as Indians are efficient, hardworking and honest. In fact, the value of these educated Indians is much more in other countries, than it is in India, which is the main cause of Brain Drain.
The need of the hour is to stop vote bank politics and make the education system in India a strong one, and to ensure that each and every citizen of this country is at least primarily educated. At the secondary level, more schools and colleges need to be opened and up-gradation of the existing institutes is essential. More number of government institutions should be opened and the fast- increasing number of private colleges should be checked.
The qualified students should get proper and befitting jobs and they should get respect for the education that they have received.
Finally, I would like to share with you, what our professor thought about education. He said,” Education is what remains,when everything else is forgotten”. To understand this, one will have to go into the depths of the words and reflect on what they actually mean…..


so..wat do ya think??????

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Wat i am goin to share wit u is one of da most extra ordinary experiences of my life!!!
On october 31st,I never thought of wat da next day wud bring for me.. it was jus a usual nite n 2moro was jus another day..nothin special at all..( not countin ashwariya’s bde ok??i dun think dats makes it special neway..)in fact.. I woke up on 1st november.. totally unsuspectin n unaware of wat destiny had chosen for me..( actually..).
Ok, cuttin short da melodrama.. it all started wen Snehudi snt me this particular msg- “Hey! We r on Times Of India second page!”
.. I must confess.. wen I read this msg, I thought da poor grl had lost it.. then I thought ..ok, mayb its sum article bout youth or college students or sumthin bout teenagers..u kno “us”is such a relative term.. so I called her up sayin,
“ Wat do u mean woman???”
.. n dats wen she said..
She- “Did u see our picture? Cool na.”
Gawd!!! Was I shocked!!!!
Me- “Picture??? Wat picture??? Wich picture??? Where??? How?? Wen?? Why??”
She- “Arrey wat? U don’t get Times Of India at your place? Wat?”
Me- “ToI?? No.. I get Indian Express!! Why??? Tell tell tell !!! wat picture wat????”
She- “arrey, remember v had gone to CCD on frenship day??? Those press guys were clickin pics na..those hav come out now!!! Yay!!”
Me- (totally baffled n completely in loss of words) …..
(understandin my reaction completely )“ya..even I was surprised..was jus flippin thru da pages n I saw da pic.. gawd.. me n abhudi’s side faces r visibl but u hav come in full view.. poor Tinudi,only her hand is visible. ”
Me- WAT????????
She- “Yeah.”
Me- “(gulpin down)..wat? he clicked only my pic.????? ( !!!!!!! )…do u mean only I am recognizabl??? wat exactly r u sayin???”
She- “oh ho, c, v r recognizabl to da ppl hu kno us but u.. u toh hav come totally..hehhe *gigglin wickedly at my pathetic condition*”
“achaa, so wat is da article bout? Coz frenship day’s gone long tym back..y did they print da pics now?”
She- “its sumthin bout da GenX hangin out at cafes”
Me-“oh my gawd!!! I wanna c those pics now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do sumthin!!!”
She- “Wat?? Y r u bein so impatient? I get it to tuition na..”
Well, dat meant waitin for 7 hrs!!! gawd.. not possible..i had to do sumthin!!! I msged Tinudi to get her copy of 2de’s edition 2 college anddddddddd (hehehe…) sent my staff 2 da station 2 buy da paper!!!(poor thing, he must hav thought I’ve lost it considerin v get sum 6 different newspapers everyday..but dats not my fault..v dun get ToI )
So I set off for college ,desperately prayin 2 god dat it wouldn’t be anythin horribl…
Cmon,getting ur pic published in da newspaper witout your knowledge is not a very comfortin thought, really..
So, tinudi got da newspaper for me n I finallllyyyyyyyyyyy saw it wit my very own eyes.. cudnt belive it seriously.i mean dat stupid french beard man was clickin pictures generally, witout takin anybody at particular.. but but but.. this is wat v had thought. Da idiot had focused on us.. n er.. if I may say so.. on me!!!!! Y? I don’t lik unwanted attention n specially of this kind..(um not bein modest.. um a scorpio remember??) gawd.. dat day I realized so manyyyy ppl read ToI coz, everybdy in college was pointin me out n even callin me 2 say,”hey! Didya c ur pic?” or “hey! Ur pic’s come in da ToI” or “Nice publicity huh???” As if I asked da photographer to click da pic!!!! Weird!!!
Neway, I rushed back home. I showed da newspaper immediately to my dad.. its better dat I show him first,lest he comes to kno from newher else.. he was surprised n said wit a smile “nice photo.luks lik u wer da focus”.. yeah, ur rite dad.phew, his reaction was such a relief! mom had already seen da pic (I had sent my staff remember?) n said “how come dat u go 2 dat place once or twice in a year n still u’ve been photographed”.. I’ve been thinkin da same thing….
Dat afternoon my masi called from a nearby town sayin “hmm.. wats up grl?? Been clubbin a lot recently???” gawddddd… evn she had seen it!!! Embarasssinnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By evenin I had kind of gotten over da fact n went to tuition..well, wat do you think happened? Uhhh..b4 u think ne further,let me introduce my tuition to u’ll. It’s a place wher so manyyy weirdos come 2gether for studyin.. um sorry to say this but our tutorial has a quite infamous reputation of havin bookwprms n borin students ..(obviously excludin us!!!!!!!!!!) so, I dint even bother to think dat ppl mite hav seen da article.. how very wrong I was. Most of them had read da newspaper n one female evn said “so,enjoyin ur celebrity status??” yeah rite!
Thank goodness snehudi n abhudi wer also present ther.. atleast now they too wer getting da attention!! Hehehhe.. I wasn’t da odd one out.. yay!!!! I did get a lotta comments ther too.. but.. by now I was actually enjoyin all this..hehehe.. lik snehudi said she was still baskin in da glory of been clicked!!!!!

P.S.- Guess wat da article’s tittle was? “GenX wakes up to a new Dusk.” it had two pics.. one was general n da other was focusin on us..i was sittin cross armed smilin at abhudi (i dun kno for wat) n one cud see abhu's cute eyes..jus lik her mom.. tinudi's slim hand..hehhehe.. n snehudi's awesome hair!!!!!! da article said how now da city’s youth now had somewher to go after sundown..lik pizza hut, cafĂ© coffee day, smokin joes etc. uhh.. well atleast it dint critisize us.. thank god.