Sunday, August 17, 2008

Right thing to do?

No don't look that surprised ! Yes, I've updated my blog :P after a century, yes but still i have :) Thing is I'm in the typical lazy blogger phase.. i keep blogging all the time in my head but I'm too lazy to type it out :(( Fine, sue me! :P
And my sincere apologies to all my blog pals who have been after my life coz I've stopped commenting on their blogs.. guys, the truth is, I've stopped Reading them too *ducks while everybody loads their guns* I'm so sorry *ahem* i shall make amends soon.. er.. hopefully *uses her drafting board to bar the gun shots*

Lately, there have been a series of circumstances that have lead me to question the whole existence of Right and Wrong. What exactly is the 'right' thing to do? The thing that we want to do or the thing that we should do? Where does one draw the line? What should be the priority? Does Service ALWAYS come before Self? Cant we, for once, not try to be perfect? Is it normal to break rules and not feel all?
People all around are always trying to deceive. It is okay to know whats happening and not do anything about it? Sometimes its really difficult to pretend everything is fine when its absolutely not.. so should one react? If someone treats us badly, should he get that back from us? isn't that how it should be? But its not.

I may be completely wrong in my perception of these things.. Then again the question of Right and Wrong will always stand between us..

By the way, there have been some really intriguing events which one might call as wonderful coincidences. But i don't belive in words like 'coincidence' and 'by chance'. Nothing happens by chance, there is always a reason for everything. I really do belive it and also in the sayin that 'A blind God is not destiny's Architect'. Maybe not today, but someday we'll definitely find out the reason behind the occurence of everything. Its just a game, to wait and watch.

Hmmm...and on a completely different note, i would like to give some people a piece of my mind. I wish to tell them : Kindly refrain yourselves from calling me words like 'dear','sweetheart' etc in public or private whatever. This restriction however does not hold good if you happen to be my boyfriend. But since I'm happily single as of now, this applies to everybody.. aaargghh.. i don't understand it.. why why whyy do u want to creep me out??? ok occasionally use of such words (in rare situations) i can understand that but scrapping me ''hello sweetheart?'' I'm sorry I'm so NOT your darling or any body's sweetheart for that matter.. so beat it, ok? Gawd what impression are you trying to make? Its not appreciated. Really. Its not normal. And I have a name, by the way. I would prefer if u would use it, thank you very much.