Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cynical Me.

Here I stand,
In the middle of nowhere,
Everything looks bland,
Life's givin me, my share.

I cry out, i fall,
There isnt any expectation,
Or even a want,
For a lift or haul.

I look around me,
I see nothin,
I look behind me,
I see nothin,
But lo behold thee,
I have a lil foresight,
n ahead of me,
I see a dim light.

Its hope, i guess,
That'll save me ,
From this distress,
Shall I stop here?
Or shall i go further,
A lil near,
To the land of wonder n Dreams,
thats jus a lil way ahead,
But wat if its not, wat it seems,
If its jus misty darkness instead?

I stand still, I wait,
N wait for things to be better,
Hoping things wud jus ,
Return to their normal quarter,
Coz its a serene calm night,
A horrified Silence,
Accompanies it wit Fright.

I'm waitin for da Sun to Shine,
Yet he seems to b,
In a situation,
Jus lik mine.

Havin second thoughts, is it?
Shud he come or mayb he shudnt!
'Why?'- I ask, 'U're my only savior!'
'Trust me'-he replies,
'For i shall hav da final Say,
Unfortunately, for u, my dear
Tomorrow might not be,
A Better Day.'