Sunday, December 24, 2006

Bye Bye '06!!

Well..i've finally decided to giv a farewell to a year dat was sooooo great...
n sum tymes not-so-great also :)
2006..was a really different year.. so let me sum it up a little.. first da bad things.. so dat v finish them off early..
1> it started wit my FAVORITE cousin's marriage.. um not sayin her marriage was bad.. but her goin away was sad :( #is it me or did dat actually rhyme#
2>i studied hardly durin da whole year.. ;).. #er.. dats bad?? isnt it? :P#
3> i found out dat i hardly hav netym for damage control #lol..#
4> i cant think of nethin else

now for da gud things..

1> my cousin GOT married!!! yay!!! heheh..#i kno this features twice but this is a very important highlite of da year!!!! i luved her wedding n had an absolute blast !! yay !!!#
2> i passed 11th #dats a very gud thing,I had a hunch I’d not make

3> my another cousin got married!! Yay !!! #belive me, half of da year went in preparin for n attendin these two weddings#
4> v had one hell of a tym in college(!!!).. #dint attend much though#
5> I made manyyyyy new frens :)
I rediscovered my frenship wit SM.. hehe.. I was frens wit her but now she’s one of my best frens.. cant imagine life witout her.. *sob sob*
7> I think my frenship wit AG improved..*wicked grin*
8> Me n TT hav bcom inseparable now..hehehe.. so wher she goes or I go after 12th.. v’ll b in touch wit each other’s lives no matter wat #....#
9> I started bloggin # :P wipe dat smirk outta ur face rite now!!!!! #
10> I got my new PC #my first one..yes it’s a sexy black gadget wit a LCD screen..haha.. cant stop boastin bout it#
11> I got my new phone #dun ask me details..heheheh :P #
12>My Leo Fren n me wer very much in touch this yer :)
13>My sagi Bro got into IIT.. #its nothin to do wit me..but it was a really nice thing#
14>I ‘found’ Psi.. lol.. #ha! So u thought I wont mention him eh, abhudi?#
15>I had a greattt birthday
16>My mom recovered quite a lot from her illness # yay!! #
17> I turned SEVENTEEN.. aww..its feels so nice.. *blushes* #er.. it’s a total coincidence dat its da seventeenth point..belive me.. I only jus noticed..hehhehe#
18>Now I hav a great music collection thanks to SM, my piscean sis n da store-guy on da next street..heheheh.. thank u folks..i owe u’al a lot.
19>Yes, I was clicked!! #read my whole blog,wil ya?#
20> I got my lenses made.. ah.. they feel lik heaven
21>OK. Enof ya..i cant strain ma brains so much..
So,all in all.. twas a great year.. n hope 2007 brings double of wat this year did.. heheh

Merry christmas to all n Happy New Year’07!!!!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

One Nite Stand..

Prologue: Dun get ne ideas after readin da tittle..tis a Family Blog ok.. can b read peacefully wit da whole family..dirty mind.. *sinister luk*

One question has been reoccurin to me since da las few days. Its made me think.. Ugh!! i hate thinkin..
Am i an Escapist?
oh no , not really..
Then y do i hav this Escapist kinda attitude?
Am I tryin to run away from Reality? from Truth? from Life?
No darlin, u're jus bein too harsh on urself.
O really?
i dun kno, jus hav a luk at this..

Inner Voice (IV) : 10 days for exams, study girl study.
Me: Yeah yeah (lik i'll oblige..duh? doesn't IV kno me??)

IV: 5 days to go..Do sumthin atleast..
Me : Yeah well, Yeah i'll do jus now (as soon as i finish this email)

IV: 2 days. U havent evn started nethin, hav u?
Me: but i'll manage (hey! 2nite they'll show my fav TV show yay!!)

IV: Exam 2moro, so 2nite..
Me: yeah, i gotta study 2nite n i wil.. promise.. (no no, i wont switch on da comp.. no no )

Exam day- Exam hall - Me: heyy..i kno most of da answers..then y to study b4..
IV: But u dunno all, u cud hav-
Me: Shutup n lemme write.

Result day- Me: hey..i've got OK marks..mayb i shudnt bother nemore bout studyin earlier n revisions n all.. studyin for jus One Nite helps me so much..actually its no use studyin in beforehand.. jus take da One nite Route..its soo much better..
IV: *Black out*

not dat i get bad marks or nethin.. i get decent ones.. but obviously not 95 or 100% but wateva!!
so is this an Escapist attitude? The easiest way out?
Er.. may b.. yes

IV: U got exams in 15 days..
Me: Yeah yeah..