Friday, June 13, 2008

Friends n Foes

Note: Some ppl might find this post nonsensical. So dont say i dint warn thee.

Once upon a time, there lived a Boy. He was like the usual fairy-tale hero..charming, gudlookin, intelligent, witty, sweet, smart..the works. However, since this is not a fairy tale..things arent perfect here. the Boy had a huuuuge crush on this Girl in his college. So whenever she was around with her friends (her 'gang' so to say) there were alwaz the special glances etc in that direction. These glances n smiles however were not noticed by the Girl, but were instead noticed by her Friend. Girl's friend now had a huuuge crush on this Boy.

Gradually, as the Girl n Boy had similar interests n thing led to another and they started talking n became gud friends.The difference between the Boy's crush n the girl's friend's crush was that the Friend's crush was a secret but the Boy's story had leaked out in his branch n many knew bout this.. whenever the Girl n boy were seen talkin to each other..ther were many people smirking..waving..hooting.. people just randomly called out Boy's name n disappeared..poor Boy used to be totally embarrassed n the girl would be amused, thinkin this was a side-effect of being popular :P

When the Girl heard bout her friend's crush she was very happy for her friend n swore to help her in every which way.. he was a college stud after all.. n her friend was so damn pretty ..awwww... they both wud make an awesome 'item' together. Girl introduced her friend n Boy and now all three of them were gud friends..all was well :)

Now no story is complete without meddlers is it? The Boy was betrayed by a close friend who went n told the Girl everything. Girl took it lightly n laughed at the meddlers face sayin "Me n him? not possible..please dont try any cupid-giri here." Without understanding the seriousness of the situation the Girl went ahead n told her friend about the Boy's crush. Her friend reaction was quite neutral n she too laughed it off. Girl thot thats the end of the so-called 'love story'..

Next day when she went to college,walked up to her friend n waved to her ..her friend dint wave back..she just stood there looking at the girl with a weird wich said - "Of all girls in the universe..y did it hav to b YOU, my friend?" was then that the girl realized what cud happen now..

She tried to cut-off all ties from the boy n started avoiding him a little.. the Boy was naturally confused n heart broken.. Girl cudnt possibly tell him bout her friend could she?... and cmon it wasnt like the Girl stopped recognizin him.. wen he smiled at her, she smiled back, dint she?

Then one day, after just two semesters of college..the girl found out that the Boy had cleared JEEs once again n was goin to another college..another city..sumwher very very far..

All the time spent..all the fun..all the teasing..everything flashed in front of her n she realized..inspite of everything else she dint do right to him..atleast he deserved an explanation.. she hopes that some day he might come to kno of wat actually happened and forgive her for choosing her friend over him. and that.. wenever she thinks of her first year in college..he will alwaz come to her mind n the first thing that hit her when she herd he was leavin was that..
She'll miss him.