Friday, December 30, 2011

The Year That Will Be.

This is a post written in December 2010, hoping what 2011 would be like.

So its almost the end of 2010 and everybody is in holiday mood, making party plans, calling up long lost friends, making random resolutions for the next year, trying to get away from work. And I, my dear readers, am doing exactly the same things. I've been catching up on my blog-hopping recently and have realised that everybody has  already made resolutions and I'm left out. Now if you are one of those resolutions-are-crap/nobody-follows-them/its-a-waste-of-time type person then I suggest you leave right now because a lot of that is going to be discussed here.
Firstly I hope this year will be as different as it can be from last year.I hope this year will be much more productive for me, much more interesting and much more memorable.I hope I meet many new people this year and go to many new places.
I hope this year I go to a new city and discover it on my own. And get to discover more about myself trying to do that.
I hope this year I start living more in the present rather than dwelling in the past or fantasizing about the future.I  wish I could learn how to balance these three together.
I hope this year I become less fussy about things and concentrate on the right things. Major priority-analysis is required. Major.
I hope this year I learn something from my mistakes and dont make them again this year. I hope I learn to let go of memories that keep haunting me and wishes that I know will never come true.
I hope this year I hold on to all my friends and not let distance get in the way of our friendship.Also, some of them need a tight slap. I hope to give them that this year.
I hope this year I stay away from the people who live with the aim of bringing people down. Just fyi, I hate these people, I do, I really do. Have had the misfortune to know many such people.
I hope this year I let go of many fears that I have. I'd like to think I'm capable of doing that.
I hope I do some good work this year. Do some good Designs. Make something out of nothing.
I hope this year will be better than last year.