Sunday, August 14, 2011

Current Interest.

Its weird when you want something so much, you don't really know why you want it but you really really do, and you're surprised at how much you want it . You know how irrelevant it will be, after a short while of time but still, just for the heck, you want it to happen. You cant understand how something that hadn't existed a few weeks ago is now the center of all your thoughts and how it is already becoming an obsession. Even if it doesn't feel completely right, even if it feels completely wrong to want it, even if you feel sometimes that it doesn't matter at all, you still bloody cant get it out of your head. Maybe you just need something to hold on to, so as to overshadow other things. Or maybe you just need a hobby.

Just so that we're clear, I'm not neurotic. Not yet atleast.