Saturday, October 31, 2009


As you might have (probably) guessed by now, I'm (still) obsessed with Barney (obviously) and his Awesomeness.
For the uninitiated, Barney is Barney Stinson. I refuse to give any more details. Go google it yourself.

But lately, i've realised i'm having some OCD-type symptoms . I mean i'm obsessed with my new phone (hehehhhhahah), i'm obsessed with 5-star, I'm obsessed with Facebook, I'm so obsessed with Farmville on fb, I'm obsessed with my new phone (oh shit did i mention it already?), I'm obsessed about gaining weight... God, i can go on n on n on about this. Seriously, I think i'm losing it. Or maybe not.

By the way, i'd gone to Ranchi in the first week of October for Zonasa'09 at BIT Mesra. Yeah, maybe i should explain that. ZONASA is the Zonal Assosiation Of Students of Architecture, and there is this annual fest which is awesome. There are like six such zones in India. My college is in the eastern zone. So there are like nine colleges here- CETb, IITkgp, ABIT, JU, GCA, BESU, NIT Patna, AUCE and BIT Mesra. So like every year we go and have the most awesome time ever at these fests. In my First year, it was held at AUCE Vizag, then in Second year at JU Kolkata and this year at BIT Mesra. It was great, we came second n all. Ok enough Zonasa details for one post. Don't want to bore you :P

So anyway, my trip was great. I mean it was a complete chaotic madhouse kinda great but yea great. We were supposed to come back via train to rkl and then bus journey from rkl to bbsr. But as we reached rkl , we were told that our buses got cancelled because of a strike and so we had no where to go. There we were, in an unknown city, at the platform, at 10 pm, 60 students, loads of luggage, very tired after six days of madness, with no where to go. People told us the bus strike wont be called off for about three more days. And there was no chance of getting train tickets either. It was one of those nights of my life that i will never ever forget. Finally after hours of waiting, all of us went to some roadside hotel to u kno, just chupao our heads for the remaining few hours of the night. It was completely 'Hotel Decent'* types. Can't talk much about that night though. The most memorable moments are unmentionable here.Night was weird. Morning was weirder. We just had to get back somehow (Parents had started freaking out now). So we blocked this General compartment of this 'only train' that goes to bbsr. Travelled the whole day. Had a complete Swades moment. Finally reached back in one piece.

And among other stuff, its finally happened. I'm 20. I'm now officially no more a teenager. When i say this, i get a lotta "Everybody-goes-through-this" stuff. Hmmmm..very nice. I dont care about what everybody goes through. When other people used to turn 20, I used to call them up and laugh for atleast 10 minutes non-stop and then list out the changes that occur when one crosses over from 19 to 20. Yes, 'one small step for man but a giant leap for you' type speeches. Turns out, i gave this speech to too many people who didnt think twice before returning the favor to me. Lol.. so i had like a zillion people say the same things a zillion times that day. Even my kid brother wrote an elaborate card listing out how I should act like a sane person now. Ok fine, so now i'm old. hmph. Only age-wise. I still choose to act like a five-year old. hmph. You grow up. :|

And one more thing. Why, oh why, is it such a crime to be single in this world today?!
Another convo that I had like a million times on my budday-
Birthday Wisher- Heyy Happy birthday!
Me- Heyy thanks!
B.W.- So what did you get for this bday?
Me- Oh i got a pho-
B.W.- (Not waiting for my answer) Yea wateva, what did your boyfriend get you?
Me- haha..I'm single yaar.. so this phon-
B.W.-Yea right, so what did he get you?
Me- nothin..i dont-
B.W.- Fine, dont tell me. hmph.
Me- ..............

Everytime I say i'm single, firstly, nobody believes me, then , when they do, they have such a wide-eyed expression on their faces i feel like tapping their heads to test whether their eyes can actually pop out or not. What is your problem, seriously.

Anyway, this is quite a long post and if u've actually read this till here, you really are as jobless as me are'nt u??

'Till next time

*- If u've seen 'Jab We Met', you'll know.

Monday, September 21, 2009

It has to stop.

I’ve always believed that ‘Good things happen to good people’ and that ‘Bad things happen to bad people’. So accordingly, if bad things start happening to you, that means, you are a stupid bad person(hence proved) .
It seems I am a very bad person. Or maybe, I’ve done bad things, mean things due which I’m getting the punishment that I apparently deserve.

Now you’ll ask me why am I so frustrated with life and more importantly why am I making you read it? The answer is because I don’t care. I don’t care about what’s right and what’s wrong, what I’m doing and what I should be doing, what I want and what I get. But don’t you worry, most of the things that are frustrating me right now can’t be blogged about because of the new-found ‘popularity’ of my blog.

The one little thing that I can say, is that my phone got stolen today. I missed it for like three minutes and wham! Some loser, some idiot girl who shops at pantaloons, has enough money to buy a one thousand rupee shirt (meaning she was NOT some food-deprived abused human who deserved my phone more than me), couldn’t resist to grab the phone and flee. You wait, she’ll get what she deserves. Sooner than she can even imagine.

Among the unspeakable things, lets just say ‘friendship’ is highly overrated. And ‘hard work’ is also extremely overrated and meaningless and it almost never pays. And that comfortable and numb cant be used in the same sentence without a ‘not’.

So here’s a final goodbye to my dear phone.It stood by me at all times, it was there whenever I needed someone, it was my bridge to the world. It was a very very special phone, bought on a very special day, for a very special reason. It meant a lot to me. But like I’ve survived these last few days, losing so much else, I guess I’ll have to survive losing you too.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


Sometimes,I look back at the last few years of my life, and wonder what went wrong. The place where I am today, I never expected to be here. To tell you the truth, I did not even expect to be the person, I am now.
I expected much less.
Maybe that's the reason why I'm happy :)

By the way, I'm going through the whole I-think-I'm-gonna-block-this-blog phase. Believe it or not, this blog suddenly has too many readers (read lurkers)and I'm not sure I'm very comfortable with that.
You know, I’ve always read other blogs, where the bloggers acknowledge these secret readers of theirs. I never felt the need because I thought I didn’t have any readers apart from those who had been coaxed by me to read :P

However, recently, I’ve sort of abandoned giving my blog undue publicity *ahem* . And rather recently so many people have told me that they know stuff because they’ve read my blog and I’m like- “You read my blog?! But u never comment? I had no idea that u do”..
Like the time when I heard that this senior of mine who I’ve never spoken to properly(hell, I didn’t know he even knew my name) recommended my blog to a friend of mine and when she told me I was like- Waaat? Really? He knows me then? From where did he get the link?? But he never ever even acknowledges me when we cross each other.
So anyway, the point is, its flattering that people keep a tab on the blog and all but sometimes it really freaks me out. I mean hello, I don’t even know this person properly and he know SO much about me. I used to think that my Statcounter was counting wrong numbers but it seems its not.
Many times I think I should block this blog or remove its link from places.. I don’t know.. I write about my life and I’m not too ambiguous about it either. I’m not an anonymous blogger, I use my real name.If u know me and my friends, you’ll know exactly who or what I’m talking about. That’s what I write about. Me. My friends. My life.
So is it ok to share it with absolute strangers? And specially strangers, who don’t want to share their opinion or even say a ‘hi’ maybe? Strangers, who are so much interested in your life but you have no clue whatsoever about their intentions? Its a lil too spooky, dont u think??

Not just spooky, its downright scary .
But then, I guess this is a question every blogger faces and yet we keep on blogging. Because it feels so good.

So lets just say, if u happen to drop by n the link to this blog doesn’t work.. Maybe I’ve changed my answer about the aforementioned question.
And to my silent readers, it never hurts to say hello, does it?

Sunday, August 02, 2009

That Fuzzy Feeling.

This is my 50th post and i'm very happy about it :P

Have you ever experienced that weird feeling, when you really really want something to happen and you keep hoping and praying for it to happen and when it does, you dont want it anymore?
Its not a very nice feeling really.

When people ask me, "Hi, whats up?",( apart from wanting to say "God / sky / ceiling / me" type stuff), I sometimes really want to say, "Do you really want to know?" I mean, really, do u REALLY want to know about it? *Glares hard*
So my usual answer is "Nothin much". However, dont be fooled by this. Fortunately (or is it unfortunate?) there is always so much happening around me, I usually dont know what to say, where to start.
This really makes me miss my introvert days.

So the most important thing thats happened is that I've suddenly come to 3rd year. Thats like a big whoooops in my heart when i think about it. Thing is, since we were in first year, our seniors (God bless them all :P) used to say "Wait till you come to third year. Most difficult year of your entire life. You'll regret everything in your life"...and they used to go on..and on...and on..........
So, basically its been pretty hyped n all. I'm shit scared, coz life has been pretty difficult till here and i dont know how much more i can take.

Anyway,next new thing is, my department has shifted to the main campus. We had two campuses, one had the archi block and the hostels and the other was the main campus where all the other depts functioned. We were pretty surprised with the shifting coz we didn't think it would ever happen. But it did. And its a good thing. Our new building is ultra cool and once it'll be completed, it'll be the best block of our college (ha!). *ahem*
And the most weird part about this is, i miss my old block SOOOO much.. i mean i never would have thought I'd get so attached to that place, to THAT building of all have to see it once and only then will you understand what I'm talking about.. the new block is like the complete opposite of our old block.. its so airy and pretty and scenic and has an AWESOME view.. i swear the view is breathtaking from some places.. its so weird to have something so good and yet miss something that was so ordinary, yet had that 'sense-of-belonging' kinda feel to it.
I'll miss the annual flood of the studios due to heavy rain (dont ask), the climbing out of the window to escape the torture (yes it used to happen), a particular bonfire in April 08 , our much dreamed about Fourth year studio (which we never got to study in, coz of the shifting..waaaaaahhhh *sobs n sobs n sobs* ), the newly built aquarium-type chamber for our beloved new HOD (shhhh..i'm being nice and not calling it a bathroom see.. hmph.. the colors, the walls, the carpet..for which we had to 'remove' our shoes before entering..gawd i'm gonna miss that :P), the library (which had a record of being re-arranged a million times),the looooong corridor where the lights were mostly off n we used to keep guessing who's coming from the entrance.. ( "Who's that? Is he a teacher? naaaa..too thin..Is he a junior? heheh..nope..omg.. Is he a senior? Get inside the studio fasttt") omg everything. The new building is so properly lighted n ventilated that you can see who's coming from a mile away. sheesh.

Oh n by the way, i was going through my old posts and came across a particular one in which i have described how i wasted my third semester and how "my insincerity towards studies had stooped to unimaginable levels". Apparently it wasn't so. My 3rd sem results came out recently (very late, yea..some strike at my stupid university) and guess what? I stood first in not only my class but also my university. Well, i guess I'm not as bad as i think :P .

There are many other things that i have to talk about but i guess that'll have to wait till my next post.

Btw,There's something more..I'm thinking of blocking this blog too.. too many lurkers.. but more on that later.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

No man’s land

This, my dear readers, is the annual story-telling post. The ‘fairytale-gone-wrong’ types. Because that’s exactly the kind that happens in real life.

Once upon a time, there lived a group of likeminded wicked funloving always laughing-no-matter-what kind of people. But this story is not about all of them. Its about three special people. There was a Boy who was the most charming and sweet and caring person. There was a Girl who was so pretty and sweet that everybody adored her. And there was a Stupid Girl who was the carefree wacko types and was everybody’s favorite person.

These three were the best of friends and nothing could have ever come in between them. They had been with each other in all kinds of situations and had come out strong.
It so happened that Boy and Girl, looked so good together, everybody around them wanted them to be ( more than just friends. However, Stupid girl (although she teased both of them like hell about it) she didn’t think they suited each other. And she made the fact pretty clear. Girl and boy both agreed with her and assured her that nothing of that sort was ever going to happen. Stupid girl belived them.

After a good six months, the whole thing died down. Ofcourse everybody tried their best to get the girl and boy together but nothing happened. Infact they had now started to get extremely angry when anybody even mentioned such a thing. So then nobody bothered anymore.All was well.
Atleast that’s what stupid girl thought.
Then one day, the day just before they were all going to their respective homes, Girl calls up Stupid Girl, and tearfully tells her that she hasn’t been completely honest with her. Girl tells Stupid Girl that Girl and Boy are not just friends. They’ve been committed to each other for the past six months. They didn’t want anybody to know because it would have caused complications.
Stupid Girl was devastated. She never expected that the two people whom she trusted most in the world would do this to her. In introspection, she thought about all the times the three were together. Like she was living a lie. She felt like the most stupid person alive on planet earth. Anyway, she probably was . Is. Whatever.
You see, you need to be a girl or atleast think like a girl to realize the importance of this betrayal. For you, it might be,”Bleh, what the hell? So they didn’t tell her. Big deal. It was their personal thing. Why was stupid girl being so stupid about it?”.
Well you know, firstly, like the name suggests, this girl was stupid ok. As in, she wasn’t stupid regarding her work. She’d got good brains. Better than most people. But she was basically stupid at heart. She believed that the way she treated people, she should be treated the same way. She expected honesty for honesty and other such crap. She sort of lived in the imaginary world where good things happened to good people. She obviously needed to read more of comic books and learn from the lives of superheroes. Good people aren’t necessarily subjected to good things. Sometimes its quite the opposite. Stupid girl.
And about the part where you have to be a girl or think like one, well, for a girl, her best friend is everything to her. She shares everything with the best friend. Everything. Secrets cant exist between them. The best friend is a part of her. In this case, two of her best friends were constantly lying to her for six months. I can’t explain it, but the Stupid Girl was really devastated. She had no problems that they were going out. But the fact that they lied to her and then got angry and lied even some more if people spoke about them really hurt stupid girl. She knew she was once again being stupid in reacting the way she was, but that was her. She couldn’t pretend. She obviously had a lot to learn from her friends.
By the way, Girl also told Stupid girl not to mention this to Boy as he had told Girl not to tell Stupid Girl.
The holidays started. Everybody was on their own for three weeks. Stupid girl was behaving even more stupidly. She had lost her capacity to trust people. Now everyone was under her suspicion. She sort of had a list in her head as to who will deceive her next. The worst person to be affected by this behavior was probably this great Guy who apparently liked Stupid girl a lil too much. She had stopped taking calls, switched off her phone and started ignoring everybody. Her lame excuse was that her parents had suddenly become extremely strict. However, the real reason was that, if she couldn’t trust the person whom she was with almost 24hours a day, she couldn’t obviously trust Guy who wasn’t even in the same college as her. How they met and how they started liking each other is another story altogether. She somewhere knew she was punishing the wrong person but then her sense of right and wrong had just done a somersault.

Anyway, after three weeks, everybody came back and everybody but these three was happy. Girl kept apologizing sorry and she didn’t want to lose Stupid Girl. So she had told Boy that Stupid Girl knew everything. Boy didn’t know what to do, how to face Stupid Girl. He didn’t have the guts to even say sorry. It’s a typical boy thing it seems. But he didn’t want to lose Stupid Girl either. She was very important to both of them (apparently). And Stupid Girl, she didn’t know what to do. She didn’t want to lose her best friends but had accepted the fact that they were now just her friends and she was incapable of making best friends ever again. She tried to be neutral. But the fact that Boy was just not saying anything about it got her really frustrated. They now had ‘fake’ conversations, in which both of them avoided the topic of Girl altogether. After a couple of days, Stupid Girl couldn’t go on pretending anymore so she called up Boy and asked him to stop pretending like he didn’t know anything. Boy didn’t have anything to say about it.So, after much talking on Stupid girl’s part and listening on Boy’s part, they decided never to talk about it again. For Stupid Girl, the more all this was discussed, the more disgusted she became.

But then there was something else that she realized while talking to Girl and Boy. They both had had enough of each other and were very soon going to have a break up. According to Stupid Girl, this was worse than the whole lying part. She knew this would have happened and this was the reason she had advised them not to get together in the first place. Now very soon she would have to choose one of them because obviously they won’t be able to stand each other. She had always hated this thing, when she had to choose between two friends. It was just too difficult.
As it is, she never believed in relationships and now her belief in friendship and love had just vanished. She didn’t think she could ever forget this, ever. She had also forgiven Boy and Girl because she didn’t think she even had the right to be angry with them but yes, this lesson would never be forgotten.
But then, you know Stupid Girl. She’s stupid. She’s someone who believes in happy endings and new beginnings, sunshine and flowers, magic and miracles, wintertime and springtime, fate and faith and that there’s a reason why things happen the way they do. And it’ll take more than mere acts of selfishness by some people to make her forget all this.

So I leave you here, dear reader, on a positive note and it is up to you to understand and interpret the moral of this story. And if you do, I would love to hear about it.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

About time.

I know I know..I have to stop being this random and write periodically. heeh. We'll see about that.
So, time for updates.
Rajasthan trip was awesommmmmmmmmme.
Special mention : The people of rajasthan are fantastic hosts. Their motto is literally 'Padharo Mahre Des' ('Please visit our state'). You should totally experience it once atleast.

Did u?

I voted this time. For the first time. It feels great by the way. Now I can criticize the system, the functioning, the execution etc etc etc, coz I’ve finally earned the right to do so. If u didn’t vote, you have no such right.

Like they say, To change the system, one has to be IN the system :)
Please vote. Each vote counts.

And now for some backlog tags. Dewdrop tagged me ages ago.
Here are the rules -
Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

25 Random facts about me:

1) I’m a Scorpio. So judge me all u want. I care a damn. :)

2) My favorite month of the year is October.

3) My favorite color is crimson and then I like blue, black and white.

4) Jaipur is my favorite city in India, followed by Pondicherry and Hyderabad.

5) I have a weakness for awesome perfumes.

6) My favorite fairy tale is Cinderella.

7) Whenever I go to a bookstore, I act like a four year old in a toy shop. I want all of them :P

8) I’m the laziest creature alive on planet earth.

9) Newspaper addict. Ahem.

10) I talk to myself pretty loudly, to the extent that lil bro A does a double take each time and asks in amusement “you’re not on the phone, are u?”. :P

The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is check my cellphone. I freak out if I don’t find it. And I never switch off my phone. If it is, something is majorly wrong with me.

12) I believe in destiny but I also believe that destiny is not completely out of our control. Its like there are always options , like when you have to make a decision about two things, destiny lays out the rules saying if u choose Item One then you will be subjected to so n so and if u choose Item Two then you get so n so. So ultimately, its upto you to choose your destiny. Sigh. See, its so simple :P

My favorite actor is Shahrukh. I love the way his mind and eyes work.

14) I’m a night person. The only times that I see sunrise is when I don’t sleep all night.

15) Last book(s) I read - the Percy Jackson series. Hilarious.

I’m crazy about the Greek Architecture. One of the places that I will visit, atleast once in my life, is Greece.

17) The only problem people have with me is that I’m sometimes too honest. When I do say something, I say exactly what’s on my mind.

18) I have major ‘principle’ issues. I follow too many of them.

19) For me, ‘respect’ is the most essential element in a relationship. If I can’t respect you, there’s no way I may like or love you and vice versa.

20) Four years back, I used to write in slam books, that my aim in life was to become a mad scientist. Omg. I’m so close.

21) I do things that make me happy. I don’t care if they are considered right or wrong.

22) I don’t take orders. When someone tells me u will HAVE to do it. I won’t do it. Even if I were going to do it before, I won’t now, if you gave me an order to do it. Ask me nicely, request me, advise me whatever but don’t dictate. No point.

23) I love talking. I can talk non-stop for days. Really.

I have mood swings but they are generally categorized as dramatic, over-dramatic and ultra-dramatic. Or so they say. :P

My friends are of the opinion that I’m a lil crazy. I agree with them.

There you go, now you know me better :P

I tag Sneha, Abhu (yea both of u have to!),Random (mister, u havent posted anything for way too long) and anyone who would like to take up the tag :)

So, see u, dear reader and till the next post, don't catch the flu and also be careful of the people around u. There might be someone who's deceiving you big time and you are going around telling people that that someone is your closest friend. Seriously, I hope that never happens to u. Never.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Wheee !

I'm off on a 10-day long trip to Rajasthan and i'm leaving tommorow.. WHEEE!

*composes herself*
*ahem ahem*
ok fine, excuse me this time ok, my dear readers, coz i feel all nice nice and very very excited about my aforementioned holiday.
gee, its been SO long since i've been on a 'proper' proper holiday.. (is it just me or am i actually repeating a lotta words unneccessarily?)
so yea,i've been quite the traveller sorts when i was younger.
i've been to manyy places and almost ALL nice tourist places in India (ha! aren't u jealous now!) and i absolutely lovvvve travelling..going to new places..discovering new stuff! *dreamy look*
But unfortunately all this had reduced considerably during last four years, due to circumstances (stupid boards, dad's work, stupid boards again, mom's illness, stupid attendance thing in college.. etc etc etc)
However, during this time, i have gone to my cousins' city(s), also have been to Kolkatta gazillions of times, etc but these werent proper holidays..
So finally, my long wait is coming to an end and i'm goin to visit some of the very beautiful cities of Rajasthan(yeay!). I've once been to some places but i hardly remember all that.. gawd going to a place with such lovely architecture.. ahh i just hope its not too hot there.. but even if it is! All my friends have been like "yea Marwari going back to her Gaon!".. yea I am. hmph.
n I'm loving it!

Yes, thats exactly what i'm saying for the past 2 days! WHEEEEE!

Friday, January 02, 2009

New n Improved !

Happy New Year to all! :)
Recently, I've come to realise that my blog has become a very frustrated, depressed, overworked and stressed-out person's blog. Let me inform u, that is in fact not true. hmph. There are many things that i may be. Being a pessimist is not one of 'em ;)

So here's 2009! heh! I'm sure everybody's made new resolutions.. Do share!
My resolution is to Talk less n Work more! I was never a chatterbox but whoa! all limits have been crossed by yours truly. The realisation has now dawned upon me that talking a lot reduces one's work output tremendously. So i shall not talk much and work hard. Thing is, my last year's resolution backfired majorly.. Twas 'Work hard n party harder'..bleh too much partying i tell u..too much!

Ok somehow this January I'm strongly reminded of Jan '07 and the contrast between the two.

~ Then,the thought of giving JEE's had robbed me of every tiny glint of happiness. I now want as many opportunities to prove myself n to improve.

~ My priorities in life have changed drastically. From just wanting to pass somehow in the board exams, i now want to be the best in everything.

~ My friends have mostly swapped their relationship status :P Happily-single ones have become committed *ahem ahem* n the happily-committed ones are now single *ahem*.
I'm still single. But now I'm one of the last few of this extinct species. Damn.

~ I fear I'm losing my innocence. This cruel world is changing me into a spiteful and bad-tempered sort of a person. I miss my 'sweet-lil-darling-angel' days :(

~ From being the subdued lil creature whom ppl generally refer to as 'mouse-type', I'm now referred to as a 'popular' person who's got friends wherever she goes. (however 'friends' here refers to mere acquaintances..i cannot boast of having many true friends)

~ My best friend is still my best friend but other ppl/friends have changed their status. Now there are many category of Friends like Perennial, Seasonal and Annual.
Perennial are the ones who are there all along, Seasonal are the ones who are one's friends at particular times n then vanish and then appear again, Annual are the ones that wish u diligently on your bday,new year,diwali,christmas etc. Apart from these, they forget u completely.

~ I've done most of the stuff that i had imagined i would do in college so now there's nothing left but to study ;)

~ From being mostly a singer in all kinda competitions- school or otherwise, me has turned into dancer these days. From frontstage-fright to frontstage-addiction. Sigh. Where are my backstage days?

bleh. There are many other changes. i cant possibly list out all.
n btw ppl who did read my previous post, nothin to worry about folks! Me did the second submission too! exams are now over and life is not all that bad anymore :P

*Ahem* I've been talking too much again haven't I? Damn!