Sunday, August 02, 2009

That Fuzzy Feeling.

This is my 50th post and i'm very happy about it :P

Have you ever experienced that weird feeling, when you really really want something to happen and you keep hoping and praying for it to happen and when it does, you dont want it anymore?
Its not a very nice feeling really.

When people ask me, "Hi, whats up?",( apart from wanting to say "God / sky / ceiling / me" type stuff), I sometimes really want to say, "Do you really want to know?" I mean, really, do u REALLY want to know about it? *Glares hard*
So my usual answer is "Nothin much". However, dont be fooled by this. Fortunately (or is it unfortunate?) there is always so much happening around me, I usually dont know what to say, where to start.
This really makes me miss my introvert days.

So the most important thing thats happened is that I've suddenly come to 3rd year. Thats like a big whoooops in my heart when i think about it. Thing is, since we were in first year, our seniors (God bless them all :P) used to say "Wait till you come to third year. Most difficult year of your entire life. You'll regret everything in your life"...and they used to go on..and on...and on..........
So, basically its been pretty hyped n all. I'm shit scared, coz life has been pretty difficult till here and i dont know how much more i can take.

Anyway,next new thing is, my department has shifted to the main campus. We had two campuses, one had the archi block and the hostels and the other was the main campus where all the other depts functioned. We were pretty surprised with the shifting coz we didn't think it would ever happen. But it did. And its a good thing. Our new building is ultra cool and once it'll be completed, it'll be the best block of our college (ha!). *ahem*
And the most weird part about this is, i miss my old block SOOOO much.. i mean i never would have thought I'd get so attached to that place, to THAT building of all have to see it once and only then will you understand what I'm talking about.. the new block is like the complete opposite of our old block.. its so airy and pretty and scenic and has an AWESOME view.. i swear the view is breathtaking from some places.. its so weird to have something so good and yet miss something that was so ordinary, yet had that 'sense-of-belonging' kinda feel to it.
I'll miss the annual flood of the studios due to heavy rain (dont ask), the climbing out of the window to escape the torture (yes it used to happen), a particular bonfire in April 08 , our much dreamed about Fourth year studio (which we never got to study in, coz of the shifting..waaaaaahhhh *sobs n sobs n sobs* ), the newly built aquarium-type chamber for our beloved new HOD (shhhh..i'm being nice and not calling it a bathroom see.. hmph.. the colors, the walls, the carpet..for which we had to 'remove' our shoes before entering..gawd i'm gonna miss that :P), the library (which had a record of being re-arranged a million times),the looooong corridor where the lights were mostly off n we used to keep guessing who's coming from the entrance.. ( "Who's that? Is he a teacher? naaaa..too thin..Is he a junior? heheh..nope..omg.. Is he a senior? Get inside the studio fasttt") omg everything. The new building is so properly lighted n ventilated that you can see who's coming from a mile away. sheesh.

Oh n by the way, i was going through my old posts and came across a particular one in which i have described how i wasted my third semester and how "my insincerity towards studies had stooped to unimaginable levels". Apparently it wasn't so. My 3rd sem results came out recently (very late, yea..some strike at my stupid university) and guess what? I stood first in not only my class but also my university. Well, i guess I'm not as bad as i think :P .

There are many other things that i have to talk about but i guess that'll have to wait till my next post.

Btw,There's something more..I'm thinking of blocking this blog too.. too many lurkers.. but more on that later.