Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Loner who?

This Valentine's day, i would like to list out top ten reasons why you should NOT go out and happily remain single.
* You can live your own life for a change.
* You don't have to be answerable for every breath that you take.
* You don't have be guilty about ANYthing that u DID or that you DID NOT do. :|
* You don't have to listen to pathetic sad songs every other day.
* You will be spared from mood swings i.e. your mood will not b OFF 25 hours a day.
* You will start tellin the truth for a change.
* You will be spared of the persistant feeling of dread and insecurity.
* You will save- Time, Energy, Tears, Emotions, Money.
* You will not fight with ANYONE for a change.
* You will do a favour to your friends. They need not hear your relationship-woes crap.

I could have written a lot more on the said topic..but thats it for now.. I have an exam tomoro :)