Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Welcome Aboard !

Yoohoo everybody! Guess who's back?!
(erm..ok ok)
Exactly a year ago, when i had actually started bloggin, i'd made a promise to myself that i'd post atleast once a month.. it really bugs me wen ppl cant find time for their own blog.. i mean, how much of your precious time will be wasted if u put up one post eh??
bleh, i proved myself wrong. Infact i proved to myself that 24 hours is too short a time for a whole day..even if i get 36 of 'em i would b unstaisfied.. gosh ther is just so much of work, so much of life, so much of everything. Sigh. i love my life.
Yes, college has started. Infact two n a half months hav already been utilized in lotsa useful n effective work. Please note that i havent used the word 'over' here, because now, just whilin away time is impossible.. i wud say i've learnt much more in the past two months than i did in the last two completely useless years.
I finally agree that i'm a goner wen it comes to time management. People all around me complain that i dont hav time for them n my college work 'says' that all the time. Its said, if u really want to do something, u will automatically find time for it. but wil someone tell me, that if u want to do so many things n there is literally no time for things lik sleep in your life, how in the world do u find time for other stuff. No no i'm not arguin, i'm just stating the mere fact i'm not good at time management right now.
This mornin, my uncle asked me a very interestin question, what is relaxation for u?
for me? *ahem* for me relaxation is no deadlines, no submission dates n no assignment backlog. If these three r out of my life for sometime, i wud really feel lik i'm on a holiday. but alas, i've chosen a field wher these three make my life.
*Ahem* here i wud lik to take Monty's side bcoz i completely understand what she's goin through. Both of us r accused of 'busy'. We r on the same boat gurl ;)

But inspite of less sleep (or no sleep) n killin schedules, i love wat i'm doing.. if not here, i cant imagine wher i would be. In these two months, already there is so much that i never dreamt of doing, that i've done.. for starters i've started to adore some of my seniors totally. Most of the fourth-years and third-years r an inspiration to me n i'm awed by their work. Literally n figuratively.
I've started takin all the responsibilities. i've started lookin forward to goin to college each n every day n i've hardly bunked any class in last two months. This is quite in contrast to my behaviour in my junior college wher i never ever took interest in wat i was doin. i hardly attended lectures n studies was just a formality. hehe..its sort of a opposite for me..ppl attend junior college seriously n then start treatin degree course lik a formality. Guess i'm alwaz upside down :P

I remember the first time i found out about Architecture as a course. The first college that i wrote down in my list of impossible colleges was my college. It rested on the top (beatin even SPA n JJ collges) because it had just twenty seats n i was rest assured i wont make it. Now when i'm here, even though i hav to board buses at 6 in the mornin n sometimes get to sleep at 3 at night, i love being on the bus, i love being a part of everything :D *fingers crossed* I'm glad of each n every decision that i've ever made.It is a bed of roses and has thorns too, but I've finally found a place where i belong. Totally.
Thank heavens.