Sunday, January 01, 2012

...and, we're back!

Goood Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, Rise and Shine! And please welcome me back. Because after months and months of blogging in my mind, I've finally decided to make a grand comeback to my very favorite place in the whole wide virtual world. Also, there's a whole *new* and *shiny* feel to the blog with the new template.  And don't you judge me already. Read this first.

Ok first things first, I'd like to acknowledge all the people who kept telling me to start blogging again. Thank you dahlings, this post is for you.

 Second of all, as you may or may not have noticed, this blog is no longer private. I couldn't do it. I just couldn't write like that. Infact this was probably the main reason why i stopped blogging all together. Making my blog private was a bad decision and I've decided to undo it. There will still be important stories about important people here but I guess we'll just have to be smart about it. I welcome back all my readers, lurkers and stalkers. My blog would never be the same without you.

Thirdly, I need help. Like technical help. All my 'tech-savvy' friends, I want to change the url of my blog but still keep the old posts intact. Or maybe just make a new blog url and export these posts there. Its been done quite a lotta times but i never really bothered to find out how. We can save all the whys and whats for later ok, for now, help me, please?

On a different note, I opened my blog page today expecting to find my August 2011 post as the most recent post but was extremely surprised to find a post that I had written in 2010 to be the most recent one. I, with all my fast-forwarding and rewinding abilities, had written my resolutions for 2011 and set the publishing date for the end of the next year to review them. I had indeed forgotten about this post but was very happy that I had infact managed to fulfill all my resolutions for the year 2011. I guess that makes it a good year, which it really was. The Year Of The Training, as we all call it now. Ok maybe only six months of actual training but four months of getting-ready-for-the-training makes it a whole year no? Hmph, yes it does.

Finally, a very Happy New Year to everybody. It doesn't matter if people keep saying that the world will end this year. It won't. But if it does, make sure you don't miss out on anything then. That's My 2012 Resolution. To live like there's no tomorrow. To live completely every day and make sure that each day is worth being the last day ever.

Anyway, this year will also be known as The Year Of The Thesis, as I have to give a dissertation to get my degree. Six months of madness begin today. Oh dear god. Didn't we just go through that already?

On a brighter note, lets hope this year remains the 'Thesis Year' and other extra-ordinary events do not over-shadow it, as they are threatening to do so now. Cheers for the optimism, huh?

P.S. My second resolution is to stop sulking. Nowadays, I've become Miss Sulky McSulkerson. I sulk at every teeny tiny thing that doesn't work as it should. But then that's just the after-effects of being under immense stress. Its just a phase, I guess. Anyway, more on that later, we're happy today.


A.M. said...

And hope this year, you remember to remember people whom you don't remember altogether!!! :-/

TheAnand said...

oh longer private! Just saw the previous post and commented there without reading this one :) Btw, if you are looking for help in migrating this blog to something more awesome. . say or anything else by keeping all the posts intact, let me know, I can help.